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Winner Take All is the 9th episode of season 2.


The episode begins with the Titans playing cards reflecting natural disasters, in which Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven have very quickly lost to Robin. However, Cyborg defeats Robin with a card (Meteor) that dominates over all the other cards. Robin gets upset after losing to Cyborg. The two of them,and with Beast Boy get transported to an alternate dimension, leaving Starfire and Raven confused. The male Titans arrive at a challenge of champions, hosted by a being calling himself the Master of Games. Along with them are Gizmo, who makes Cyborg suspicious, Aqualad, making Beast Boy show off more than ever, Speedy, seemingly a doppelganger to Robin, only with an exclusively bow-and-arrow motif, and two other heroes named Hot Spot and Wildebeest. The 8 of them are told they are there to compete in a contest to see who the best really is, and the Master of Games giving away a prize, as well.

So now, the Titans introduced and ready for battle, the Master of Games sends the champions and the Titans into a fight for glory. Robin faces off against Hot Spot, Beast Boy against Wildebeest, Cyborg vs. Gizmo, and Aqualad against Speedy. The battles start, and Robin dodges Hot Spot's attacks, while Beast Boy and Wildebeest fight it out in a cage match. Speedy fights in Aqualad's turf, and Cyborg battles in a bunch of platforms while managing to take on Gizmo and his inventions. Robin ends up getting the best of Hot Spot for victory, Cyborg defeats Gizmo very happily, Speedy manages to defeat Aqualad, and Beast Boy, after shifting to every animal he can, unfortunatly falls out of the cage and loses to Wildebeest. Worried about their friend, Cyborg and Robin ask about Beast Boy, when the Master of Games tells them that he was escorted home safely. Unable to reach him, Cyborg gets worried, and wakes up Robin in the night to tell him he's not sure this thing is safe. Robin assumes Cyborg wants to tire him out so he could win easier, and closes his room door. Cyborg still curious, wonders around 'til he finds the Master of Games with new powers, the powers of his friends!

Cyborg confronts the Master, and even he gets his powers taken away. All of the losers have been put into a gem worn by the Master, and now he can use them as much as he wants. The next day, Robin wonders why Cyborg isn't there, and the Master tells him Cyborg was snooping, and was disqualified. The Master of Games tells the remaining heroes that they have to prepare for the final one-on-one battle, and Robin is still unaware of the evil plan. Robin and Speedy defeat Wildebeest together, and they face off. They do all they can, with all their weapons, and Robin ends up prevailing. After Robin wins, he asks the Master for the prize, finding out there wasn't a prize, and the Master has taken all his friends. Robin challenges the Master to a final battle, and manages to get Cyborg and Speedy back. Cyborg yells at him quickly, and the three of them take him down by destroying his jewel.

Now, all the heroes are back, and Robin makes them all Honorary Titans, except for Gizmo, who isn't a hero, and loses his communicator. Robin, learning that winning isn't everything, sends everyone home. After they all disappear, all of the heroines appear, among them Starfire, Raven, and Terra. For the final line of the show, Starfire states to Raven, "I have a bad feeling about this".


  • Terra joined the Teen Titans in the episode before this one, yet she is not seen it the card game at the beginning (perhaps a reference that she was sending information to Slade like she was in the episode Betrayal). At the end though, she appears behind Starfire and Raven and is in the next episode "Betrayal".
  • It is most likely that the female Titans were able to be freed just like the male Titans did after the episode ended.
  • The Master of Games's absorption power was inspired by Kevin 11 in Ben 10.
  • Aqualad became an honorary titan at the end of Deep Six, but after Speedy beats him, Robin and Cyborg aren't worried about him.
  • The VS character portraits of the eight male heroes are similar to the VS character sprites in the online game Battle Blitz. Robin's VS character portrait also resembles his sprite in the game.


  • Beast Boy: Aquadude, what's up! Ready to watch me win all those prizes?
    Aqualad: No. But after I win, I promise to let you have my autograph.
  • Robin: Hold on, I know what you're doing.
    Cyborg: What am I doing?
    Robin: You're trying to trick me again like you did in the card game.
    Cyborg: I am?
    Robin: Sure. We'll go "investigate" and be up all night and find nothing, then you'll recharge you batteries in fifteen minutes, while I get no sleep.
    Cyborg: Say what?!
    Robin: When round 2 starts, I'll be fighting fatigue and you'll be that much closer to winning the prize.
    Cyborg: No, man. For real, I'm just worried about B.B. Come on, winning isn't -
    Robin: Right.
  • Robin: As far as I'm concerned, you're all Honorary Titans.
    Gizmo: Cool!
    Cyborg: Yo, gimme that! You're not a good guy, remember?
  • Gizmo: Aw, crud. (Mutters insults rapidly.)