Quote1 I am not just a science experiment. Quote2
Viper to her "father" before knocking him out and escaping.

Real name Eris Reeds
Aliases Viper Reeds
Snake Girl
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Jump City
Species Altered Human
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Starfire
Family Her Creator
Powers & Abilities Omni-lingual
High Intelligence
Superhuman strength, agility, durability, and endurance
Super Speed
Enhanced Senses
Drains Life Force & Power by Touch (kiss is most lethal)
Weapon Sais
Energy Blast Gun
Likes Action and Romance Movies
Anything Sweet
Listening to music
Spending time with her friends.
Dislikes Black Mask
Fighting Friends
Voiced by Not revealed
First Appearance Heroes United

Eris is a new member of the Titans North. She first met the Titans in the episode Heroes United.


She is very sarcastic, rude, and mean most of the time to just about everyone so she doesn't have to worry about getting close to people and not being able to hug, hi-five or kiss. She is very outspoken and not afraid to say what she's thinking. On the inside she is really nice, caring, and funny once you get to know her. Once she becomes friends with someone she knows she can trust she will stick with them forever, always be loyal and protect them with her life. She has a very short temper which can cause her to snap at the smallest of things and is very possessive and territorial. She doesnt tolerate snobby stuck up and conceited people. She'll do anything for her family and the friends she dearly loves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When she touches someone she drains their powers and life energy which is very dangerous; but she has to come in direct contact with the skin and it can't be one quick touch (so a punch or slap won't affect the person). Super strength which allows to her lift objects and even people 10-20 times her size. Mind control in which she makes a psychic connection to someone and can put thoughts and memories in their brains so they obey her and do whatver she wishes. Can take lots of damage before being really hurt or show any signs of it, flight, enhanced senses (all 5), omni-lingual, high intelligence, tele kinesis, psionic blasts; using this power, she can blast psychic energy at a person or group of people. This energy psychically attacks the mind causing either pain, memory loss, unconsciousness or even brain death if she uses that much power.

The downside is it takes great mental concentration and it is possible to easily exhaust herself and even pass out. She also has, super speed, a gun with her costume that allows her to shoot very powerful energy beams; in bullet form and straight beams. She is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat like martial arts, sais; weapons like Elektra uses, and bow and arrow. And when she is vey angry she can built up all her energy then release it and it'll have pretty much the same impact as a nuclear bomb (depending on how mad she is determins the power and damage of the blast).

Pre-Teen TitansEdit

Sharurotte Eggeharudein

Amber in school uniform

Viper has a very blurred past. Before she Eris or even Viper she was Amber Reeds, daughter of Dr. Larry; who worked or the army as a weapon builder and medicine/poison supplier and Victoria Reeds; teacher. Amber was a very pretty, smart girl who had tons of friends and was a straight A student. Had long waist length golden blonde hair; always down, and jade green eyes, and a nice light beige complexion. She was kind to everyone, even those who were mean and envious. The exact opposite of Eris. One day her mother left for a reason unknown to her. All she told her was to be good, stay safe and watch out for her father; not in a good way. Viper was left with her father who wasn't the same anymore. He was more dark, secretive and sometimes violent; he never hit her though. He told her he had something to show her and led her down to the basement where she was strapped to a chair and put to sleep. He did many experiments on her, trying to make her better. He had an idea to take humans and make them into super soldiers, giving them powers and special abilities. The army thought he was insane and he was fired. He tested his idea on her to prove them wrong.

He gave her her powers and dangerous abilities, so she could get revenge on the army who


Evil Eris a.k.a Viper

shunned him for her. Then she became Eris Reeds a.k.a Viper, or Larry also sometimes called her Experiment 1.0. She hates the name Eris becuase it's the same as the goddess of Chaos, and makes her seem evil. When he was finished she was darker, cruel, malicious and evil. He had something put in her, a chip which allows him to switch her from good to evil or eliminate her. However they have to be in a very close area to one another. Then something clicked in Eris that all the destruction she was doing was wrong and it was his fault so she turned on him, knocked him out and ran away. Once she was free from his control her eyes changed from red to grey. Later she heard of the Teen Titans and who better to help and teach her than them. Sometimes times certain things will trigger a memory from the past but it can be small like a backyard or a car, or really big like when she attacked an army soldier and nearly blew up their whole base. She knows there is still that evil deep down but she tries to keep it under control and sheltered. She hasn't had any physical contact with anyone since she attacked the army under Larry's control.


Eris has naturally straight, silky jet black waist length hair that she dip-dyed dark violet; her favorite color blue. Often has it in a high ponytail because since it's so long it's very time consuming to care for. Heart shaped face, small pointy nose, pink full lips, short 5'7, "coke bottle" body figure, also well toned, muscled and a teeny-tiny bit of fat on her; still human, big doe, round sharkskin grey eyes; that appear her natural jade green at night; when she was evil and controlled by Larry her eyes were red instead of light grey, long thick eyelashes, and pale pinkish toned skin. Her outfit is a leather black crop jacket with a dark violet viper on the back and a hood; to keep her hair shielded so it won't get pulled or tangled, dark violet tights, black combat boots, black belt that holsters her gun, two sais; made out of soft iron center to prevent breakage and titanium outside, gas bombs, and purple sphere grenades. Last are her purple leather strap-on gloves with an opening over the wrist and small circle holes under the knuckles; both fingerless in case she needs to use her powers (touching her enemies to use her most dangerous power is a last resort, never used unless absolutely necessary).

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