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Trust is the third episode of season 5.


Wildebeest is being chased through the hills near the Grand Canyon by Madame Rouge. She chases him to the top of a mesa where there’s no escape, then uses his communicator to contact Robin…but it’s knocked out of his grasp and destroyed at the bottom.
In Paris, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah play chess and discuss Wildebeest’s capture. They are disappointed at the loss of his communicator but the Brain is confident they will be triumphant. They declare that Rouge’s next target is Hot Spot.
In Morocco, a thief steals an urn as Hot Spot gives chase while Madame Rouge looks on. The Brain warns her that she should get the communicator and not worry about capturing Hot Spot himself. After Hot Spot captures the thief, Rouge reveals herself and attacks him. Her shape-shifting abilities prove the equal of Hot Spot’s flame and heat powers and he soon flees into the back alleyways. She corners him again but his heat powers make her unable to touch him.
Hot Spot runs again and surprisingly runs into…Robin. The Titans leader calls him into another alleyway and warns Hot Spot of the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin goes to look for Rouge, but it turns out “he” is actually the shape-shifted Rouge, who plans to earn Hot Spot’s trust and get the communicator from him.
Meanwhile, Starfire and Robin track down Wildebeest and after Robin descends the cliff face he find the shattered communicator. Robin sends Starfire to get the other Teen Titans while he looks for Wildebeest. Meanwhile, “Robin” advises Hot Spot to beam down and then causes a distraction to get Hot Spot on the run again. “Robin” leads Hot Spot to an oil field and once again tries to get him to power down. Disgusted with “Robin” giving him orders, Hot Spot goes off on his own and Madame Rouge goes after him as herself. Rouge keeps switching back and forth to “Robin” and staging attacks on “himself”

Rouge knocks Hot Spot off of a building, injuring him, and then returns as “Robin” and tries to convince Hot Spot to give him the communicator. Hot Spot offers to call the Titans himself, but “Robin” points out Rouge must be tracking his heat signature and he has to power down. When he finally does so, Rouge reveals her true form and knocks out Hot Spot.

Hot Spot powering down

Robin is trying to contact Hot Spot and locates him in Morocco, and immediately heads that way. Madame Rouge prepares to depart with the communicator, but Hot Spot revives and grabs it from her and shatters it. She attacks Hot Spot again, embedding him in her own body, but he reignites and burns himself free. He runs back into the oil field as Robin arrives and finds the broken communicator. He then spots their battle and finds Hot Spot, who is confused by the multiple Robins, and then Rouge shows up as Robin. Robin and “Robin” fight it out in hand-to-hand. They get separated and Hot Spot intervenes to pursue Rouge. She runs off but then doubles back to take him down. Hot Spot sends a giant fireball at her, knocking a building on her and drawing Robin’s attention.
When Robin arrives, a weakened Hot Spot has depowered again and Robin takes him back to the T-Ship. After Robin updates the other Titans, he vows to stop the Brotherhood and gives Hot Spot his communicator to replace the broken one. After Robin leaves, “Hot Spot” reveals he is actually a shapeshifted Rouge, and she has now accomplished her goal.


  • Madame Rouge: You like to fight criminals, no?
    Hot Spot: It's just part of the job.
    Madame Rouge: Perhaps you are wanting to fight me, too?
    Hot Spot: I'm sure a nice lady like you wouldn't want to fight me.
    Madame Rouge: I would not be so sure.
  • Madame Rouge: I hope you don’t have a problem getting beaten by a lady.
    Robin: You’re no lady!
  • Madame Rouge: You can not touch me...(grabs hot spot and gets burnt)Madame Rouge: Ow!!!!

Hot Spot: Looks you can't touch me eiether!

  • Hot Spot: Are you heading back to the tower? Robin: The Teen Titans won't be going home until we stop the Brotherhood of evil! Since your Communicator is broken, take mine. (Robin hands Hot Spot communicator)
  • Hot Spot: Your giving me your communicator?
  • Robin: Now more than ever, we'll need to keep in touch and share any information we have.( Robin gets on T-ship and it takes off)Madame Rouge as "Hot Spot": Yes, Robin...Do keep in touch...