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Titans Together a

Titans Together

Titans Together is the 64th episode of the series and the 12th episode of Season 5.

Synopsis Edit

Titans Together b

Evil triumphant?

The Titans are defeated, and the Brotherhood of Evil appears victorious - but there is still some hope. Beast Boy manages to find his way to a secret Titans outpost, where he is soon joined by Más, Pantha, Herald and Jericho. At first the escapees are dejected that neither of them are among the most powerful (especially Jericho is held in little esteem), but Beast Boy holds them back and rallies them into a rag-tag, but in its own way effective team.
Titans Together c

The Titans united

Their first undertaking is the capture of Cinderblock, who, thanks to Jericho's talents, provides them both with the location of the Brotherhood's base and a cover to get them inside. A slip-up by Jericho talking inside Cinderblock causes them to lose the latter advantage, and soon they must face the villanous assemble under the Brotherhood's leadership. Despite putting up a valiant fight, the odds eventually turn against the brave Titans, but just as things seem bleak, unexpected reinforcements arrive: Cyborg along with Kole and Gnarrk, Starfire bringing Bumblebee and Red Star, and Raven arriving with Melvin, Timmy, Teether and their big friend Bobby - and the battle is quickly rejoined. During all this, Mas succeeds in reaching his brother Menos, unfreezing him. By fiddling with the controls of Professor Chang's freezing machine, they are able to free the Titans who have been already been captured. Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Aqualad, Tramm, Bushido, Argent, Killowat, Thunder, Lightning, Speedy, and Robin jump off of their prison and quickly join the brawl. With their numbers increased, the Titans easily overpower the villans. Last to arrive are Kid Flash and Jinx, who help mopping up the renmants of the H.I.V.E. Five and Madame Rouge and ferry the captured villains off to flash-freeze treatment.

As the numbers of their allies dwindle, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah decide to run for it, leaving the Brain's socket, which contains a nuclear device, as a parting "gift". However, Beast Boy and Robin apprehend the two, and the nuclear device is disposed of by Cyborg and Starfire, who shove it into outer space through one of Herald's portals. Finally, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah are frozen.

Just as the Titans and Honoraries take some time relaxing in Titans Tower and getting to know each other a little better, they receive an alarm involving Dr. Light, who is robbing the Bank of Perez. And as Dr. Light exits, he was going to freak out at his new opponets...


  • In this episode there are some animation/script errors concerning untypical character appearances to be found. Hot Spot is standing among the villans when the first phase of the battle was over, the Puppet King is with the Titans (picture above), and XL Terrestrial is with the TItans groaning at Beast Boy 's joke.
  • In this episode, Jinx and Gizmo were not voiced by their usual voice actor, Lauren Tom, but instead by Tara Strong.
  • Although Kid Flash picked up most of the villans and carried them to get frozen, at the end of the episode, many villans are missing from the frozen statue collection.
  • When the Titans are sighing at Beast Boy's joke, Lightning , Tramm and Jericho are missing.
  • Although Kyd Wykkyd, Billy Numerous and Gizmo were lying in a heap and frozen together, at the end scene, Gizmo and Kyd Wykkyd are in totally different areas, in different poses. Kyd Wykkyd seems to be kneeling and Gizmo has his mechanical spider legs out. Billy Numerous is on the second row, standing up and Mammoth is not seen frozen.
  • After Robin gets unfrozen, he and Cyborg perform a combination attack (which defeats Phobia and Andre Le Blanc). There's a possibility that this is the "Sonic Boom" that the two developed in Divide and Conquer.
  • In the flashback of the beginning of the episode, Madame Rouge disguised herself as Hot Spot in his power form and got Robin's communicator, but in Trust, she got Robin's communicator disguised as Hot Spot's human form.


  • Brain: Who among you can stop me?
  • Beast Boy: Now try and follow me. [blows up robot commandos]
  • Herald: How do we know his brother's here?
    Más: Porque, Trumpet Boy, nuestros poderes nos da una conexion magnetica. Lo más cercanos que estamos, lo más fuerte es nuestro enlace. Qué, no sabes nada? ("Because, Trumpet Boy, our powers gives a magnetic connection. The closer we are, the stronger is our link. What, you know nothing?")
    [Herald stands there, his teeth gritted and one eye twitching. He has not understood one word.]
    Pantha: He said it was a ... twin thing.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: [to Cinderblock] By the way: Nice catch, sir!
    Jericho (inside Cinderblock): Thanks.
    [Everyone stops in surprise]
    Private H.I.V.E.: Since when have you been able to talk ... sir?
  • Andre Le Blanc: What is the meaning of this?
    Pantha: It is ambush.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: Quit hitting myself! Ungh! Quit hitting myself! Ungh!
  • Madame Rouge: Any final vords?
    Beast Boy: Yeah. I wouldn't stand there if I were you. Cyborg: (busting out of the ground under Madame Rouge with Kole and Gnark with him) Lesson number one: never throw me down a hole unless you make sure i stay there! Starfire: (Blasting through the ceilng with Red Star and Bumblebee acompanying her) The lesson two: we never give up! Raven: (phasing through the ground with Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby) Lesson three: your secret lair isn't very secret!
  • Más: Como funciona? ("How does it work?")
    Menos: No tengo idea! Es más complicado que el Space Shuttle! ("I have no idea! It's more complicated than the Space Shuttle!")
  • Cyborg: (after seeing Jinx) Now that was unexpected (Control Freak nods)
  • Raven: Is it me, or is it getting easier?
    Madame Rouge: Children. When will you learn? [gets tackled by Hot Spot and Wildebeest]
    Raven: Like I said.
  • Raven: Does anyone actually have a plan?
    Starfire:Yes! We kick the butt!
    Cyborg: Just like old times!
    Beast Boy: Except better.
    Robin: Let's finish this.

Beast Boy: Dudes, check it out! [throws the Brain into the freeze ray] Brain freeze! Hahahahahaha!

Others: *sigh*....