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Titan Rising is episode 21 of the Teen Titans series and the 8th episode of season 2.


The episode starts with the Teen Titans playing volleyball on the roof of Titans Tower. Of course Raven doesn't participate, as she would much rather meditate. But the ball seems to always find her... First she gives it back, but second time she just moves aside, and lets the ball fall down. But somebody throws it back up. And that somebody is Terra.

The Titans are very happy about her return - especially Beast Boy and Starfire -, but Raven is suspicious about her sudden return. Terra says she wants to stay with the Titans - this time for real, and she improvises a little demonstration to prove she has learned to control her powers.

Suddenly an earthquake shakes the city, and it turns out that it is not Terra's fault; something is moving under the ground. It is a giant mechanic worm, Slade's new toy. The heroes try to destroy it but the worms seems to be too tough. Besides, Raven and Terra still consider each other rivals, and this causes conflicts as cannot work together on the mission.

The worm eventually tears itself into parts and each part heads a different way. The Titans also split up; Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg go after the worm, but they are shocked when they find out that the target of the worm is Titans Tower.

Meanwhile Terra, Raven and Robin have located the place where Slade controls his robot. Robin faces Slade once again, while the girls try to find a way to shut the worm down. Raven attempts at what Robin started but Terra insists that smashing the computer is the best idea. However, Raven stops her, telling her since they do not know how the computer works, it might actually make the situation worse. Another tug-o-war starts between Raven and Terra, as Raven tries to stop Terra from smashing the computer with a rock. Terra demands why Raven wouldn't trust her and Raven tells her that trust is something she has to earn. Terra finally lets go but a rock plummets from the ceiling and smashes the computer anways and the worms begins accelerating, which Terra finally admits that "smashing the computer was a bad idea."

Terra in her room holding a communicator.

Back at the tower Starfire and the others manage to destroy the huge worm, which turns out to be a robot, but they are too late, because the Tower already begins to sink from the damage the mechanical worm had caused. Raven and Terra finally put aside their differences and together they push the tower to its original position with their powers and fix everything in it. Robin manages to escape from Slade and return to the Tower, where he finds everything already finished.

Terra receives her Titans Communicator, gains Raven's trust, and becomes a Teen Titan. When she was by herself, Terra can't believe that the Titans actually trust her. Her hair falls to cover one side of her face, foreshadowing something else.


The title refers to the Titans rising as a team, specifically Terra, who has to prove her place as a Titan to Raven and Robin.


  • Terra: (Upon seeing a huge rock crush the computer controlling the worms, which causes the worms' lasers to amplify in power several magnitudes) Okay...maybe smashing the computer was a bad idea.
  • Raven: (Holding back one of Terra's boulders) Because you don't deserve it! I have to meditate every day to keep my powers under control! And I’m supposed to believe that you can just suddenly control yours? Trust is something you have to earn!
    Terra: But how?! How do I earn it?
    Raven: You can start by trusting me!
  • Cyborg: Alright, there's only one way to commemorate such a momentous occasion, waffles!