Quote1 "My blankie...You see my blankie?" Quote2
Timmy sobbing to Raven[src]

Timmy Tantrum
Real name Timmy
Aliases Timmy Tantrum
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence A monks' temple
Species Metahuman (presumed)
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Raven
Melvin, Teether, Bobby
Family Melvin, Teether
Powers & Abilities Can scream at hypersonic levels
can create powerful sonic blasts with his hypersonic screams
Weapon None
Likes Getting what he wants, playing with his blanky
Dislikes Not receiving attention, when Teether steals his blanket
Voiced by Russi Taylor
First Appearance Hide and Seek

Timmy is the second-oldest of a young trio of sibling pre-adolescent super heroes consisting of Melvin, Teether and himself, and along with them an Honorary Titan.

Character history Edit

Melvin, Timmy and Teether are three young children & siblings gifted with super powers. Because of the threat they posed, the Brotherhood of Evil decided to have them kidnapped and eliminated. The Titans learned of this plan, however, and arranged for the three to be brought to a safe place. Because the other members were busy dealing with various Brotherhood schemes, Raven was entrusted with the task.

Raven and her young charges were repeatedly beset by Monsieur Mallah. Time and time again, Raven just barely managed to save the three siblings from the intelligent gorilla, but had even more trouble dealing with the kids. Timmy, with his penchant for craving attention and throwing a tantrum when he didn't get it, was a particular annoyance to Raven, who nicknamed him "Timmy Tantrum" for that habit.

Mallah finally succeeded in his kidnapping attempt. Raven tried to stop him, but ended up helpless before him, and it was in this moment when the children - and Bobby - revealed their true powers and fought him off on their own. Raven, who had come to care deeply for all of them, made them Honorary Titans, and later the children and Bobby joined the Titans in their final assault on the Brotherhood's base and the subsequent recapture of Doctor Light.

Powers and abilities Edit

Timmy is capable of producing powerful sonic booms with his screams. Currently, this power is limited to his current emotional state; as such he can produce the booms only when extremely agitated.