The Secret Weapon Part 2
Episode no. 67
Season 6
Original Airdate July 4, 2012
Production Code 602
Guest Characters *Sierra
Written By User:sitiaisyah93
Directed By User:sitiaisyah93
Previous Episode The Secret Weapon Part 1
Next Episode The Titans South Part 1

The Secret Weapon is the second episode of fanfiction concept of Season 6 of Teen Titans. It is also the 67th episode of the overall series and created by Aisyah


The episode starts off showing Adeline, trapped inside a custom fairy-proof cage. Black Mask approaches her and demands to know where the scepter is. When she refuses, he electrocutes her. He coontradicts her and reminded her what he could do to her.

Meanwhile at Titans Tower, Siera was chatting with Cyborg when suddenly she passed out. It was later discovered by the Titans that she was Adeline's adoptive daughter and that they are linked. Sierra's telepathy

Adeline's final form.

finally worked and helped detect Adeline's position.

There, the Titans were ambushed by Black Mask's men. While the others were battling the army Sierra helped Adeline escape from her prison. Adeline told Sierra that she was almost ready to go but will transform just this once. She transformed into her believix form and summoned her Wings of Destruction, destroying the army. Before she died, she gave Starfire the Light of Azgarde for her to protect. WIth that, she let out her final breath.


This is not a animated show but a fanfiction chapter:

Sierra Hawkins and Adeline are introduced, along with the existence of fairies.

Sierra strongly resembles Terra, who was seen in the previous episode.

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