The Secret Weapon Part 1
Episode no. 66
Season 6
Original Airdate July 2, 2012
Production Code 601
Guest Characters *Sierra
Written By sitiaisyah93
Directed By sitiaisyah93
Previous Episode Things Change
Next Episode The Secret Weapon Part 2

The Secret Weapon is the first episode of fanfiction concept of Season 6 of Teen Titans. It is also the 66th episode of the overall series and created by Aisyah


The episode begins with Beast Boy losing (again) to Cyborg in a video game.Robin then bursts in, saying they have to go.

The Titans are shocked to find out Sierra is a fairy.

They arrive at J.C.I. LABS to talk to Professor Jameson, who briefly shows them a magical necklace and introduces Sierra Hawkins, who is first mistaken for Terra. She then reveals she is not only a human but a fairy. Prof. Jameson then explains what fairies are and that a fairy is currently being held hostage and that if she is killed, the energy released from her death will cause a deadly explosion.


This is not a animated show but a fanfiction chapter:

Sierra Hawkins and Adeline are introduced, along with the existence of fairies.

Sierra strongly resembles Terra, who was seen in the previous episode.