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Terra is episode 16 of the Teen Titans series and the third episode of Season 2.

Synopsis Edit

A young blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl is running through a mesa close to Jump City. She is being chased by a giant scorpion, who is bent on killing her. The girl runs into a dead end and the scorpion corners her, but the Teen Titans appear on one of the hills and prepare to help out the girl. Before they can do so, however a long column of earth suddenly falls down and incapacitates the scorpion.

The girl smiles and then a pillar emerges and raises her up to the hill where the Teen Titans are watching the scene. Robin approaches her and introduces himself, and the girl responds in turn, stating that her name is Terra. Terra already knows of the Titans and is able to name all of the Titans correctly. When she is about to name Beast Boy, he gets all nervous and says his name incorrectly several times, but Terra corrects him, which causes him to transform into a turtle while spinning around. Terra laughs, commenting that Beast Boy is hilarious. Beast Boy sticks out his human head, saying, "Me? Hilarious? Really?" He reverts back to his human form and collapses just as his eyes turn into hearts. Starfire proceeds to ask Terra, "Where did you come from, how did you get here, what is your favorite color, do you wish to be my friend?" Terra replies, "Um, Earth, walked, red, and sure?" Starfire gasps and proceeds to hug Terra, calling her 'new friend'. Beast Boy then asks what she is doing here, and Terra responds that she goes 'wherever the wind takes me'. Starfire, being kind, invites her to stay with them, and with encouragements from Cyborg and Beast Boy, she follows them back to the tower. However, Raven and Robin stay behind for a while, with Raven asking Robin if everything is okay. As he picks up soil and rubs it between his fingers, he replies, "Not sure. Something just doesn't feel right", before he and Raven follow Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra, and Starfire to the tower, then the spot where he was standing just before walking away collapses. What they all fail to realize is that Slade was watching them from a cave nearby a few minutes ago, murmuring that he was the one who saw Terra first. Slade then disappears back into the cave again.

When they arrive in the Titans Tower, Terra is amazed and cannot believe that the Titans actually live here. When the Titans present her with food she eats all of it, and then tries a special dish of Starfire's, which is the Glorrk. The other Titans tell her not to eat it but she believes it tastes nice, also mentioning that it tastes like a mixture of sushi and ice cream. Terra proceeds to have a bath and wash her clothes before sleeping on the couch in the main Ops room. Robin suggests that Terra join the team, but she needs to train with the Titans first so that they know what she can do.

Beast Boy visits her at night, asking if she needs a blanket, but finds that she is not on the couch. Beast Boy finds her outside, throwing skipping stones into the water with
her powers. They play a game of skipping stones and joke around with each other. Terra says that she needs to leave, but Beast Boy convinces her to stay for one more day. Terra suddenly uses her powers and the rock Beast Boy was sitting on shoots into the water. Terra reveals to him that she cannot totally control her powers and asks him to swear never to tell anyone about her secret. Beast Boy swears he will not tell anybody.

The next day, Cyborg has just cleared the Titans' training obstacle course. Robin invites her to have a go at the course. With her earth-based powers, she rides on a rock and tries her best to avoid all the obstacles, destroying them in the process by hurling rocks at them. She clears the course faster than Cyborg, and is congratulated by all of the the Titans except Raven, who merely comments that they will be needing a new obstacle course. Full of happiness in completing the course, Terra hi-fives Beast Boy, who collapses.

The Titans are alerted to the presence of Slade, who has returned. The Titans and Terra rush to a mine, where Slade's minions are attacking the mine workers. They plan to steal a diamond, but are interrupted when the Titans arrive. Together they manage to defeat all of Slade's minions, but Terra accidentally drops a boulder on Beast Boy, crushing him underneath it. Terra, realizing her crime, tries to run away but encounters Slade, who lures her into a trap.

Meanwhile, Beast Boyhad actually managed to escape by transforming into a gorilla and breaking the boulder he lay under. He realizes that Terra had run away and rushes to find her. Terra is now confronted by Slade, who collapses the nearby cave walls, leaving no path to escape to. Terra fights Slade, but her lack of control over her powers causes her to do minimal damage to Slade. Slade smashes Terra into a wall and reveals that he has been watching her for a long time. Slade says that the real reason why she keeps travelling from time to time is because she causes many natural disasters with her powers by accident. Earthquakes, avalanches and mudslides were all her doing, and, fearing the locals will turn against her, she runs away. Slade comments that everywhere she goes she wishes to do good with her powers, but everywhere she fails. Slade asks her to be his apprentice. He claims that he can teach her to control her powers better than anything the Titans can do to help her. Slade taunts her that Beast Boy can never help her, which enrages her enough. This causes her to start a small hurricane, which forces the Titans to evacuate. Slade leaves, reminding her that he will be waiting for her. Terra remains trapped inside, but Beast Boy eventually arrives and calms her down. He promises that he will never tell anyone that she loses control of her powers.

Back at the Tower, Terra declares that she is leaving, but Robin, who has figured out that Terra can't always control her powers, offers her a place on the team and gives her a Titans Communicator. Robin also points out that she will need training in order for her to control her powers better. Terra drops the communicator and angrily shouts at Beast Boy for betraying his promise and telling everyone, even though in reality Robin had figured it out by himself. Terra runs away from the Titans, leaving Beast Boy sad and lonely. Robin apologizes to Beast Boy about not knowing it was a secret. Beast Boy sadly responds that he had no chance to say goodbye to Terra.

Slade, who is now watching Terra running away, announces that no matter where she goes, she will eventually end up with him.


The title simply refers to Terra, who is first introduced in this episode. Terra means 'earth' in Latin, Italian, and Portuguese, which Terra can control.

Trivia Edit

  • When Terra says that she cannot believe that the Titans actually live in such a wonderful place, Beast Boy responds by saying "Su casa es mi casa", which means "Your home is my home" in Spanish.
  • At one point in the episode, when Slade is talking to Terra, Terra's eyes leave her face for a second or two.


  • Slade: (To Terra) I can help you, child!
    Terra: You can?
    Slade: Right now you are... rough around the edges. You need more than obstacle courses to overcome your problem. You need a teacher, a mentor! Come with me, Terra, and I will teach you how to shine!
  • Beast Boy: So, what brings such a cool little chicky to our big groovy city, huh?
    Terra: I go wherever the wind takes me, you know. I get to see new places, meet new people, stop a few bad guys here and there!
  • Terra: Don't lose control... Don't lose control...
    Slade: Now, Terra, how can you lose something you never had?