"Sorry, he's kind of a sour puss when it comes to his name. I'm Jordan, by the way. Jordan Roswell." said a girl with short chocolate hair."

-Jordan introducing herself to Viper

Jordan Roswell A.K.A Silver is a member of Titans North.

Backstory/Post Teen TitansEdit

Jordan had the power to control minds. Eventually tired as prentending to be an ordinary girl, she decided to use her powers to fight people.


Jordan is generally cheery person but has a quick temper. She is always looking for a fight as she loves using her powers, especially to make people hit themselves.

Meeting Titans NorthEdit

At some point, Jordan was kidnapped and placed in a cell with other teens. Unable to use her powers, she was stuck there, until Viper arrived and executed an escape plan.


Jordan has slightly tanned skin, big green eyes, short chocolate colored hair and wears a green tanktop, silver vest, jeans and black steel toed combat boots.


Jordan has the power to control the minds of people and generally employed it when she fought. She is unable to read thoughts and useless against machinery, because they don't possess a mind to control.