Sierra / Terra
Sierra (Female Green Goblin)
Real name Ninja Tara Markov (Formerly, Princess Tara Markov)
Aliases Ninja Girl
Place of Origin Markovia
Residence Jump City
Species Human
Affiliations Teen Titans,
Slade (former mentor),
Green Goblin (mentor)
Friends Beast Boy (former love interest),
Amber, Dionne,
Teen Titans,
Green Goblin
Family Geo-Force (brother)
Powers & Abilities Terrakinesis/geokinesis (former)
Gifted intellect of technology and security
Enhanced endurance
Above-average physical condition
Advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat enabling her to defeat each of the Teen Titans single-handedly
Pumpkins (given by Green Goblin)
Weapon Big Dart of Grand Chaos
Likes Traveling,
Spending time with Beast Boy (formerly)
Earth (mother realm and home)
Spending time with Green Goblin
Dislikes Lack of control over her powers
Teen Titans (formerly)
Slade (for part of her life)
Losing friends
Voiced by Ashley Johnson (English),
Ranja Bonalana (German),
Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese)
First Appearance Unknown episode

Sierra (formerly called "Terra") is a former member of the Teen Titans, whose role as a hero or villain is complicated. Until the episodes Aftershock - Part 1 and Part 2, she was confused, and wished to be a heroine and friend of the Teen Titans but was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to control her powers, in return for her unwavering loyalty and apprenticeship. Now she is one descendant of Green Goblin who killed Gwen Stacy due to Spider-Man's accident happened because of him.