Quote1 No. Just, no. Seriously. No. Go die in a hole. No. Quote2
Shadow when Switchblade asks if he can use her for target practice.[src]

Real name Azura 'Zulu' Lembert
Aliases Shade (by Switchblade)
Place of Origin South City, Quebec
Residence Legon City
Species Human
Affiliations Teen Titans
Powers & Abilities
Voiced by (put real name here)
First Appearance heroes United

Shadow is a member of the Titans North.


She's very bubbly and flirtatious, opting to glomp most people and be very touchy feely even if she's never met them before, which can cause some very awkward scenarios. She acts like a six year old sometimes, making annoying jokes or bothering people with idiotic questions, but she can be serious if the situation calls for it. (Barely.) It's a quiet sort of 'I'm-sorry-I'll-be-quiet-now' seriousness.

Pre-Teen TitansEdit

She grew up in a backwood sort of shady town that was alive with gang activity, home to the South city shadows, (where she got the dea for her codename from) a local gang that ran the small pit-stop of a city. She later found out that this group was a bit out of the ordinary when she realised that some of their major weapon and drug customers were 'super-villains' as the news dubbed them. So, with the information she was given, she slowly began stockpiling it, trying to get a high enough rank to ease her questions.She was converted to the rank of informant by a young man two years older than her named Switchblade, aprentice of Agent A, another swordsman. She then moved to Jump city with Switchblade, and now works along side him as a hero.


She can control shadows, manipulating them to grow longer or shorter, and sometimes can erase them completely. She can make them into any shape she wants, as lng as her one main source of power (The Light) doesn't get too high or too low. She basically manipulates light, but cannot make more of it, so if it becomes too dark and she can't tell the difference between shadows or dark, then she's useless. Same goes for if it's too bright (Say in a room filled with those harsh daytime floprescent lights. The shadows would shrivle up like steam.)She can also use it like a type of body armour, cloaking herself in the shadows. When this happens she becomes a pitch black being, and every single article on her is accentuated, making it hard to wear baggy clothes. (Say a cape, that would be like an arm covered in spandex.) It can protect her from some bullets (Small calliburs, not long hunting bullets.) and certain pieces of debris, but not anything long that can penetrate skin easily, such as glass of a knife or an arrow.