Dad: John Keller Brother: jake Keller="hiddenStructure"
Real name Sarah Charolette Keller
Aliases Con, Mind-Con (by her brother)
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Jump City (behind the titan's tower)
Species Human
Affiliations Double Duo (with her brother but goes solo now), Teen Titans
Friends Teen Titans, BumbleBee, Jinx, Kid Flash, Mas N Menos, Speedy, AquaLad
Family Mom: Alice Jo-keller

Dad: John Keller Brother: jake Keller

Powers & Abilities Controlling minds, can make objects move
Weapon doesn't like weapons and won't een touch one
Likes sushi, pizza with lots of cheese, salad, spagetti, chinese food, hanging out with friends, singing, reading books, shopping at the mall
Dislikes arguing, using powers for evil, bad things, pointy things (blades, knives), hates weapons, spicy food
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Name: Sarah C. Keller (C standing for Charolette)

Age: 16 B-day:

Dec 19 Nickname: Sars, SC, CK

Gender: Female

Appearance: Silver hair with a bit of golden highlights, she's really short 4"9', in the outside world she wears a blue shirt with a flower on it and black skinny jeans, she also wears purple tennis shoes. her eye color is brown but changes into gold when she uses her powers. Super hero form: wears no mask of some sort. Likes to show off. Wears a similar costume like starfire's except purple is blue and silver is black. the green gems are gold. she wears black boots instead of purple.

Personality: She's really nice once you get to know her, but she may seem like a stuck up diva and lets every one think she's mean which she's not. her fatal flaw is holding grudges

Code Name: Con

Powers: Controlling minds, can make objects move,

Weakness: using her powers too much can make her head hurt

Fav color: Lightning Blue

Genre of music: Jazz, Pop

Genre of book: romance, fictional

Movies she likes: depends on what type. its up to her mind

Food likes: sushi, pizza with lots of cheese, salad, spagetti, chinese food

Allergies: none

Parents: Mom- Alice Jo Keller, Dad-John Keller

Siblings: Jake Keller older brother really protective of her and tells her to stay away from guys.

Alliance: teen titans, bumble bee, jinx, kid flash, speedy, aqualad, mas n menos

Dreams: Want to save the world, and use her powers only for good

Fears: Bad guys, parent divorcing, brother leaving her side

Back Story: she lives near the titan tower but she doesn't know. she goes to a high school where everybody calls her a freak and old hag since of her silver hair no one knows about her powers except her family

Relationship: none so far

Any other info: Her brother has powers too. Jake has super strength and can control earth. plants and rocks. stuff lk that