Real name Saico-Tek
Aliases N/A
Place of Origin Created by Brushogun
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Species Magically Living Painting
Affiliations Brushogun,
Uehara Daizo
Friends His fellow creations
Family Brushogun (creator)
Powers & Abilities Martial Arts and acrobatics, superhuman regenerative factor
Weapon Explosive High-tech Shuriken;
Likes N/A
Dislikes Water, Those who oppose his master
Voiced by Keone Young
First Appearance Trouble in Tokyo

Saico-Tek was an animate entity created by the Japanese supervillain Brushogun.

Character history Edit

Saico-Tek was created by Brushogun under coercion by Uehara Daizo, a glory-hounding ex-police officer of the Tokyo Police Department. Originally, Saico-Tek was created for the sole purpose of profiling Daizo as a hero, playing the role of the villain which would be captured by Daizo at his convenience.
At some point, however, Brushogun managed to exert some degree over his creations to create a Saico-Tek who would follow his will instead. As means of a call for help, Brushogun sent a pink-and-blue Saico-Tek to wreak havoc in Jump City and thus attract the attention of the Teen Titans. Saico-Tek was captured and questioned by Robin; he revealed the name of his creator just before he kicked open the fire sprinklers in the questioning room, erasing himself (see below).

Tokyo 3

Saico-Tek handcuffed by Robin

Following the clue, the Titans made for Tokyo, where Daizo met them and quickly assured them that Brushogun was merely an urban myth. When Robin would not cease his investigation, Daizo sent a pink Saico-Tek to attack him. Robin prevailed, but in the process he ended up beating up Saico-Tek so viciously that he appeared to have murdered him. As a consequence, he was imprisoned and the Teen Titans denounced as enemies of the state.

Following that, Saico-Tek, in multiple incarnations, made his final appearances as a mere henchman obeying Daizo' instructions to take down the Titans. When Brushogun was freed by Robin and died, however, Saico-Tek and all of his fellows created by Brushogun's power likewise ceased to exist.

Powers and abilities Edit

Abilities-wise, Saico-Tek was a high-tech version of a ninja assassin, an expert in martial arts and acrobatics. He possessed several weapons in his arsenal, chiefly high-tech shuriken which would explode in a cloud of colored smoke on impact or after a short time delay, and a rocket pack which enabled him to fly.

Saico-tek tambem possui super-força, as a being composed of magical ink, Saico-Tek possessed any abilities bestowed upon him by his creator. The first Saico-Tek demonstrated the power to regenerate any damage, to the point of regrowing lost limbs; an ability which subsequent versions apparently did not possess. However, as a creature of ink, he is highly vulnerable to water and would dissolve instantly upon contact with it.


Tokyo 4

The second Saico-Tek

  • Saico-Tek closely resembles a Power Ranger, or more accurately, a Japanese Super Sentai Action Hero, which inspired the creation of the Power Rangers. Sentai means fighting force in Japanese.
  • The first Saico-Tek's "half-and-half" design is similar to Kikaider's and kind of like Slade.
  • His name is also a play on the pronunciation of the English words "psycho tech(nology)".
  • The word saico means 'latest', and tek is obivously a misspelling of 'tech' which happens in Japan due to the fact that the word is pronounced te-ku (through katagana which is basically a reverse romanization of worlds).