Revved Up

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Revved Up is the 61st episode of the Teen Titans series and the 9th episode of the fifth season.


On a lonely desert road, the Titans face the hot rod-riding Ding Dong Daddy, who has just committed a theft. Ding Dong Daddy, however, boldly challenges the Titans to a road race, with the object of his heist as his prize - and the prize is none other than a special suitcase which contains Robin's most intimate secret!

The Titans accept the challenge, and thus begins a race of chaotic proportions, moreso because due to circumstances the Titans are split up, each respective group running into their own set of difficulties:

  • Robin races after Ding Dong Daddy on his R-Cycle, but gets unexpected and fierce competition by none other than Red X, who seeks to snatch the case and sell it to the highest bidder.
  • Starfire and Raven, prevented from flying by one of Ding Dong Daddy's weapons, desperately seek a wheeled transportation. After uncautiously informing Gizmo about the race (who in turn loses no time telling a lot of other baddies about it), they manage to hijack a kit-bashed rocket-booster bus from a bunch of would-be villains.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy, riding the T-Car, have to contend with Ding Dong Daddy's Gremlin Crew driving a rolling pit-stop, who use every chance they can get to try and dismantle the T-Car and Cyborg himself!
Revved Up The end

Robin reveals his secret

Ding Dong Daddy, on his part, uses every dirty trick his hot rod can muster to throw the competition off the track. One of the bombs he drops onto the road almost gets Red X crashed, but Robin saves his rival. In grudging gratitude, Red X jumps off the R-Cycle and turns against the other villain racers, triggering a mass crash and disabling them all, before he voluntarily drops out of the race himself.

Ding Dong Daddy and Robin are the first to reach the finish, but after Daddy munches up Robin's cycle with his car's jaws, Robin just turns the tables and kicks Daddy out of his car, thus winning the race and regaining the case. Right afterwards, the other Titans roll across the line, and in gratitude for their selfless assistance, Robin decides to show them the contents of the case (which, however, remain a mystery to the audience).


  • Beast Boy: Um, Cyborg? What kinda car is that?
    Revved Up BB Trucker

    BB in trucker mood

    Cyborg: That's not a car. It's a pit stop on wheels!!
  • Red X: The briefcase really means that much to you?
    Robin: You have no idea.
    Red X: Then go get it.
  • Starfire: I did not know that the chickens are so adorable.
    Raven: They smell, they're noisy, and their feathers get everywhere, nothing about them is adorable. [sneezes]
    Starfire: G'lufnog.
  • Starfire: [in one breath] We require the use of your vehicle to race the Ding Dong Daddy who has stolen Robin's most secret possession and now offers it to the winner!
    Gizmo: Oh, really?!? [starts his wheel bike and races off] Thanks for the tip, suckers!!
    Starfire: Perhaps I have explained too much.
  • Beast Boy: Whoa, dude! What was that?!
    Cyborg: I don't know, but we better warn Robin.
    Beast Boy: Leave that to me.
    [transforms into a trucker, complete with trucker CB slang]
    Beast Boy: Breaker, breaker. One-niner, this is Green Machine and Chrome-Dome calling Rubber Duck, coming at you on the flip-flop. Bear bait just dusted our britches going full throttle in the monster lane. Come on back.
    Cyborg: Gimme that! - Yo, Robin! You got company!
  • Bus Driver: Next! - Who are you two supposed to be?!
    Starfire: I ... uh ... am the Dr. Amazing Mumgon ... the Terrible. And this is my henchman ... uh ... Henchy.
  • Cyborg: That's it! - Beast Boy, take the wheel!
    Beast Boy: [dreamily] Dude, are you serious?
    [Cyborg hands him the wheel - and only the wheel]
  • Gizmo: [after Red X jumps on his window] Who's side are you on, Barf Brain?!!
    Red X: Mine!!


  • Starfire's alias "Dr. Amazing Mumgon the Terrible" is most likely a play on 3 of the frequent villains in the series: Dr. Light, Mumbo Jumbo (or the Amazing Mumbo, as he calls himself), and Trigon the Terrible.
  • Control Freak's vehicle is both a large model of his remote control and a TV reference (like his other stuff). The reference in this case being Batman: The Animated Series in the form of the Batmobile, which is most noticable when all of the villains are "revving up" and Control Freak drives out of a cave just like Batman does in the iconic intro for the series (thoguh in the opposite direction).
  • The important contents of the suitcase are as of yet never revealed, only hinted to be very important to Robin. This may be a nod to the mysterious suitcase in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The focus on cars in the episode may also refer to Death Proof, also by Tarantino.
  • Many fans believe that Robin's secret briefcase contains a picture of his parents.
  • The costume of one of the villains that Starfire and Raven ambushed may be a reference to the iconic Marvel supervillain Galactus.
  • This is the second time that Cyborg has lost his leg, and the first time he lost his right leg. The first time was in the season 3 episode, Can I Keep Him?, when a gigantic Silkie ate his left leg.