Quote1 Most people say they want justice, but they don't really want justice. They want revenge. They want to see the pain spread around equally. That's not what I want. Quote2
Redwing to Ravager during their standoff.

Real name Richard 'Ricky' Grayson Jr.
Aliases Rickand'r(Tamaran)
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Jump City
Species Human, Tamaranean
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Robin IV
Family Robin or Nightwing (father)
Starfire (mother)
Nightstar (twin sister)
Robin (New Teen Titans) (adoptive uncle)
Batman (adoptive grandfather)
Powers & Abilities Amazing Acrobat,
Master Martial Artist,
Genius Hacker,
Peak Human Strength and Endurance
Weapon Collapsible Bo Staff,
Computer on wrist,
Eskrima sticks
Likes Being a winner
Eating pizza
Martial Arts
Spending time with friends/teammates
Action Movies
Spending time with family
Dislikes Ravager
Failing Missions
Fighting with friends
Voiced by Cameron Bowen
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In many ways, Ricky's personality is similar to his father, Dick Grayson: he is determined to succeed in missions and is willing to take risks to do so. However, Ricky takes his heroism less seriously than Dick and does not have the natural confidence that Dick did, despite his natural affinity for leadership.

Physical appearance

When he was a 10-year-old vigilante, Ricky was fairly short for his age, and had a slight, lean, well-toned build, since he was an acrobat and skilled at martial arts and gymnastics. He had short black hair and dark blue eyes.

Hero Uniform

Redwing is a young teenage male with a muscular build and short black hair. Redwing's attire is similar yet distinguished from Nightwing, in that he wears a red and black suit . Both Nightwing and Redwing's costume cover their entire arms. He also wears black gloves (which acts as a holographic communication projector) and a black cape, with the inside being yellow and having a shape similar to Batman's cape. He covers his eyes with a black domino mask.

Not unlike his father, Redwing employs an extending and electrically charged fighting staff.


Early Life

Richard "Ricky" Grayson Jr. was born on 7th October 2020. He was born at Gotham City General Hospital along with his twin sister, Mar'i Grayson aka Nightstar.

Before he was born, Starfire and Robin aka Nightwing had to separate when their hero work were crashing with their married life. The Joker found out about the wedding and decides to use it against Nightwing by kidnapping Starfire. After the rescue mission, they agreed to Batman's suggestion of hiding Starfire from enemies. Starfire then moved back to Tamaran, only to return to Gotham a few months before the twins' birth (without Nightwing's knowledge).

After they were born, they were brought back to Tamaran where he was given his Tamaranean name, Rickand'r. After 5 years, he and his family returned to Earth where his mother went undercover for the Justice League under the alias, Kory Anders.

A few years later, 7-year-old Ricky was taken to Jump City by his adoptive grandfather Bruce Wayne along with his adoptive uncle and future best friend, Damian Wayne. There, he was attacked by Dr. Light who was surprised to see his resemblance to the original Robin. He was then saved by The Titans but he was knocked unconscious so they had to take him to the Tower. When he woke up, he was so scared that he didn't stop crying, despite the Titans' attempts to calm him down. Raven noticed the similarities between Nightwing and the boy so she went into the boy's mind, shocked that her suspicions were true. She asked Cyborg to do DNA test between the two and it was revealed that Ricky was indeed, Nightwing's son. Ricky was shocked that Raven and Cyborg found out the truth and begged to keep it a secret from Nightwing. They agreed.

For a few days, Rick just hung out around the tower and got to know the other heroes. Nightwing, for some reason, felt a sort of protectiveness over the boy. But he still doesn't know that Ricky is his son until one memorable day..

Nightwing decided to learn more about Ricky using his genetic scanner. He managed to get a vial of the boy's blood and uploaded into his computer. The first thing the computer accessed was... Ricky's birth certificate. Nightwing was shocked to the core after finding out the truth about Ricky's identity. He was so mad at Starfire for not telling him that he flew into rage and started banging things and his head. Ricky, deciding it was a good time to leave, calls Bruce for backup and hoping that Bruce will make him calm down.

However, it was far from it. The fact that even Bruce knew more about the kids than Dick made him even madder. However, he would not allow Bruce to take Ricky away saying that he lost his son once and he won't lose him again. Dick agrees to complete Ricky's previous training with Bruce in order to know more about his own child. Bruce told Starfire, whom agrees due to the fact that she herself cannot teach him because he has no Tamaranean powers except for a minor few.

Starfire came to visit Dick and Ricky, bringing Mar'i along with her for a family reunion. Nightwing was bit miffed about Starfire not telling him that they had children which led to a yelling match and a stare-down. Luckily, Mar'i and Ricky managed to calm both sides before they ripped each others throats apart. Starfire agreed to have her son trained with Nightwing.

New Teen Titans

A few years later, the Titans Space Tower was finally built and was launched into the sky. The Titans decided that they could monitor any city on Earth from there and made it the offical Titans headquarters, leaving the tower in Jump City unoccupied.

Nightwing mentioned that they could not leave Jump unprotected and decided to restart the Teen Titans, thus making his son automatic leader. However, Ricky refused to become leader after seeing the way it affected his father and decided not to take the identity of Robin. He gave up his leadership to Damian Wayne, who became the new Robin. He was joined by Stronghold (Collin Kent), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Cyber (Kevin Stone), Rocky (Rochelle Logan) and Beast Kid (Mark Logan).

Later on, he was joined by his sister Mar'i, now Nightstar.

Powers and Abilities


Eventhough Redwing is half-Tamaranean, he only posses a small fraction of his mother's abilities such as, immense and agility and peak human strength. Redwing has the conditioning of an athlete and is very agile, which he combines with his equipment. He is an expert at using a bō in battle.


  • Birdarangs :Shuriken-like objects, acting like boomerangs, that are used as long range attack weapons. Several variants are used, such as birdarangs that explode, emit electric shocks or release knock-out gas
  • Collapsible Bō: Redwing uses an electrified staff in battle.
  • Rebreather
  • Explosive pellets
  • Holographic computer gloves: His gloves featured a built-in computer system with holographic interface. Although capable of scanning and wireless connectivity where appropriate, USB and TRS connector cables and a USB port are included.


Redwing's motorcycle: Redwing has his own personal mode of transportation, a customized sports coupe motorcycle. When its battle mode was activated, the motorcycle split in half. The back half turns into a flying laser cannon that protected him from attack. It can also split into a pocket bike if the main body is heavily damaged and is activated through his glove computer


Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson

Redwing is quite close to his father.


As Redwing is Starfirre's only son, he is often spoiled by her. He pretends to be embarrased and shakes his mother off but actually, he really enjoys spending time with her.

Nightstar/Mar'i Grayson

Redwing is very close to his sister, due to the fact that they are twins. When she joined the New Teen Titans, he was secretly gla and relieved eventhough he told her she was going to be a handful. Occasionally, they do fight but that is over big things. Their sibling rivalry sometimes drive their teammates crazy.

Robin /Damian Wayne

Damian is the closest to him since they are family. Sometimes, they disagree about thing but they always get back togetehr in the end. Ricky gets annoyed when Damian's crush on his sister makes him a goof sometimes.

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