Quote1 Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not threatening your precious city, just looking out for number one. Quote2
Red X[src]

Red X
Red x
Real name Jason todd
Aliases X
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Jump City
Species Human
Affiliations Himself, the Brotherhood of Evil (formerly)
Friends Unknown
Family Robin
Powers & Abilities Proficient Martial Artist and Acrobat, Olympic Athlete-level Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Agility, Durability and Endurance
Weapon A super-powerful Xenothium-powered suit and utility belt filled with with many various gadgets: an invisibility switch on the belt's front button and weapons with 'X' shapes, especially Xarangs or X-shaped shuriken and red X-shaped expanding lasers and piles of sticky goo that he can shoot from his gloves
Likes Money, himself, thrills
Dislikes Having his thefts thwarted
Voiced by Scott Menville
First Appearance (Robin) Masks; (as original character) X
Red X is an anti-hero and a former "villain identity" employed by Robin.(his brother)