Red Star
Real name Captain Leonid Constantinovitch Kovar
Aliases Russian dude (Beast Boy)
Place of Origin Siberia, Russia
Residence Siberia, Russia
Species Mutated Human
Affiliations Teen Titans,
Red Army(Formerly)
Friends Starfire, Teen Titans
Family Constantin Kovar
Powers & Abilities Flight
Self Sustenance,
Gifted Intellect of Technology,
Enhanced Strength
High Endurance,
Radioactive Energy Blasts,
Radioactive Energy Explosions
Weapon None
Likes Being accepted, helping people, building snowmobiles
Dislikes His powers (originally),
The Radiation monster
Voiced by Jason Marsden
First Appearance Snowblind
Quote1 "Do not worry, my friends. I have no more need to be alone." Quote2
Red Star[src]

Red Star is a superhero from Russia and Honorary Titan.

Character history Edit

Red Star was formerly a young recruit in the Russian armed forces. Originally frail and weak, his strength and muscular physique were bestowed to him in a government experiment for creating super-soldiers, but his powers were fueled by intense and dangerous radiation, which would sometimes go berserk under emotional stress. For this reason Red Star had been living in voluntary exile in an abandoned Siberian nuclear power plant, where he used the facilities to funnel his excess radiation into water capsules whenever his frustration and, therefore, the energy would build up too much. A leakage in the containment unit made the radiation melt up the snow outside, which seeped into a pond and eventually created a plasma monster which wreaked havoc on the surrounding settlements, acting out Red Star's latent resentments. Red Star got blamed for the creature's actions, partly because of the destruction he had inadvertently caused when his powers went berserk the first time.


Red Star at full power

In response to the damage the plasma creature was causing, the Teen Titans began pursuing it. After chasing it into a snowstorm, Starfire succumbed to the temperature extremes but was found by Red Star before she froze to death. Encouraged by Starfire to embrace his power instead of fighting it back, Red Star joined the Titans, fought the creature and destroyed it by pumping it full with an overdose of radioactive energy. However, the energy within his body thus rose to uncontrollable levels, and he asked Starfire to take him into space, where his power was released in a gigantic explosion. Before his departure, however, the Titans made Red Star an honorary member, and his fellow people, who have previously shunned and feared him, now viewed him as a hero.

Red Star made a minor cameo in Lightspeed. The H.I.V.E. Five were stopped by an unknown speedster when they were trying to rob a museum. Back at their base, Jinx and Gizmo were scrolling through Honorary Titans, trying to make a match. Red Star was the last Titan on the screen. Interestingly, he was in his radioactive form (or picture above).

Red Star inexplicably reappeared alongside Starfire and Bumblebee in the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Evil to help the Titans fight the assembled supervillains. His reappearance remains unexplained, although in "Snowblind" it was hinted that the explosion was a catalyst to his gaining full control of his powers. He was seen slamming Mammoth into a wall and battling Steamroller. After their victory, Red Star socialized with the other Titans in Titans Tower and participated in the recapture of Doctor Light.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Red Star's primary powers intended to be bestowed upon him by the experiment were superhuman strength and endurance & resistance to damage. In addition, the physical changes enable him to withstand environmental extremes, including the hostile conditions in deep space and, naturally, radiation, similarly to Starfire.

Red Star's power also encompass the generation of immense radioactive energy, an accidental side effect of the experiment, which he initially found too uncontrollable to use, and released it as energy explosions. After he had come to accept his power, he could utilize it to fly and fire highly damaging energy blasts.

Also, note that Red Star has built many snowmobiles, making the viewer infer that he must have some degree in technology of vehicles.


Red Star is pale, with completely blank green eyes (a side effect of his powers) and reddish hair. He is seen with a

Red Star

green hoodie on, as well as black pants, a fatigue top, and a military uniform. In addition, he can change into an energy form that is composed of red, shimmering plasma.


Red Star is a very kind, selfless and humble person and is only seen to develop a temper toward the radioactive monster his energy leaks created, though naturally, he felt some anger on the inside for his life of being locked in his home, which is what formed the destructive instinct of this monster. Of course, these are both completely understandable.



  • The "Perfect Soldier" experiments were run by Professor Chang, as seen in the flashback.
  • Red Star debuted in the comics in 1968, going by the name of Starfire. He is not seen again until nearly 20 years later, which, by then, the Titans had already met Starfire from Tamaran, which is when Red Star got his current name. This may explain the close friendship the two share in the tv series.
  • In the comics, Red Star had a close relationship with Pantha and Baby Wildebeest, though this was never brought up in the show.
  • His show costume resembles his first and third costumes from the comics.
  • The power he releases into jars appear to be the basis for xenothium.
  • He is one of the few Titans in the show whose true comic book name is known. He is addressed as Captain Kovar by Raskov. His original first and patronymic name, which are unmentioned, is Leonid Konstantinovitch.
  • Andre Le Blanc is Red Star's enemy in the DC mainstream.
  • In the comics, Red Star gained his powers after being exposed to the energy core of a space ship he found. His animated series origin is similar to the origin of Marvel Comics superhero Captain America.
  • When the H.I.V.E. Five were scrolling though Titans trying to match Kid Flash (who they were defeated by earlier), Red Star was seen on their screen, but in his radioactive form.
  • Red Star's all green eyes may be a reference to Starfire's mainstream comic appearance.
  • As shown in Calling All Titans, Red Star can speak fluent Russian.
  • Red Star wasn't seen getting attacked by the Brotherhood of Evil in Calling All Titans. Oddly enough, he didn't appear in the episode at all.