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Phantom is a member of the Titans South.


He is very laid back usualy laughing and having a good time and courtious enough to apolagize when he knocks someone over but this is only when he's not fighting evil/criminals. When in his hero persona he is calculating and very rarely makes a mistake (though his allys might) sometimes coming off as cold even unfeeling. He goes out of his way however to keep inocent people from being harmed usualy ending up hurting himself in the process. If dealing with a hostage situation he will try to get the enemy to see logic and give up without anyone being harmed should that fail however he will try to get in unnoticed and take them down without anyone getting hurt. If someone does get hurt he usualy ends up taking it personaly and gets down for a little while before getting back to his usual self.

Pre-Teen TitansEdit

He was born too Emily Star Sativus and Nolan Hope Sativus a mage and a meta-human respectivly. His mother specialized in necromany and cold spells and his father was able to turn spells used on him into personal abilities but could only so for a few at a time. He had a normal life until his powers activated at the age of five after some testing by both of his overegar parents he was found to have some of the abilities his father had at the time of his conception. Shortly after his powers activation his father started training him to become a criminal like he once was it would be ten years of intensive training before his mom would find out about what he was doing. When she found out she confronted him only for him to easily defeat her before trying to take Rolland away but when he did Emily cast three final spells the first would knock her son uncosious, the second would teleport him to a random location on earth, the third would send her back to the place of her birth dying soon after arrival. After waking he strted fighting crime while searching for his father but about three months ago he decided to stop living in the past and look to the future and has been focusing soley on crime fighting.