Quote1 Don't expect me to fight crime with you unless you know for sure I don't have a gig and am available. Quote2
Regina on fighting crime.

Sapphire Melody
Real name Regina O' Malley
Aliases Reggie, Melody
Place of Origin Jump City
Residence Keystone City
Species Human
Affiliations Titans West
Friends Cassie Davis, Robin, Starfire, BumbleBee, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven
Family Daniel O'Malley (Brother), Sarah O'Malley (Mother), Anthony O'Malley (Father)
Powers & Abilities Control people through song.
Weapon none
Likes playing the guitar, singing, being in her band
Dislikes when fighting supervillians interfears with her tour or performance schedule
Voiced by none
First Appearance Titans South Part 2

Regina O'Malley is a tempory new member of the Teen Titans. She is a hero who fights crime not only in her city, but in the cities where she performs, because she is the founding member of a popular band called Hoperidge


Regina O' Malley is a girl who loves to perform, and has always loved to perform. She is a girl who is always happy and optimistic. She is extremely smart, and knows how to work most, if not all the electronics on stage. Don't call her band ReLynne and Hoperidge if you want to stay on her good side.


She has waist length, black hair that has blue undertones, and ivory skin with freckles. She is 5'6" and has a
slender build. She wears punk clothes on stage, but when she's not performing, she wears girly clothes. On stage, her hair is usually knotted back, but otherwise is pulled into half-ponytails.


She can control people through song. The higher notes control what people do, while the lower notes control what they think and say. She has to work to find the right balance between the notes when she's fighting crime. She can't hide her secret identity, so she doesn't usually go by Sapphire Melody, or rather Melody most of the time. Her super hero uniform is a tight, purple mini skirt, and a tight lavender top with black sandals.


When she was twelve years old, she formed Hoperidge, a Christian Rock band with her brother, who plays the bass. Her best friend, Cassie, plays the drums and is also in the band. The band became so popular, that it now it tours around the country.

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