Quote1 Welcome, champions all! You are invited to compete in the tournament of heroes! Quote2
Master of Games[src]

Master of Games
Real name Unknown
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Place of Origin Unknown, based in unnamed alternate dimension
Residence Unnamed alternate dimension
Species Unknown; intelligent humanoid with gray fur and pointed ears based in alternate dimension
Affiliations Brotherhood of Evil, Rumble Force (Himself, Andre Le Blanc, Control Freak)
Friends Control Freak, Andre Le Blanc
Family Unknown
Powers & Abilities Interdimensional Teleportation, Soul-Trapping and Power Absorption, all drawn from his enchanted amulet; other powers remain unknown, if any
Weapon Mystical Ruby Amulet
Likes Gathering powers from superheroes to use for himself
Dislikes Being defeated at his own competition, or, basically, losing
Voiced by Jim Cummings
First Appearance Winner Take All

The Master of Games is a being from an alternate dimension and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character historyEdit

The origin of the Master Of Games remains unknown. At some point he acquired his mystical amulet and, having observed the capabilities of Earth's superheroes, decided to gain their powers for his own.


The Master Of Games using the powers of all the captured "heroes".

For this purpose, he created a special combat arena, abducted eight "heroes" from Earth - Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy from the Teen Titans, independents Aqualad, Speedy, Hot Spot and Wildebeest, and Gizmo of H.I.V.E. Academy - and subjected them to a one-on-one contest with each other for the promise of winning "great prizes". However, Cyborg and Robin eventually found out the true purpose of the "games". Robin, as the last remaining contestant, challenged the Master of Games to a last duel in which he freed all the captured contestants from the medallion, defeating the Master. However, right after all the "heroes" returned to Earth, the Master of Games immediately set up a new contest, this time with eight "heroines", which included Starfire, Raven, and Terra; but just as before, all of them are presumed to have prevailed.

The Master of Games later joined the Brotherhood of Evil, but he didn't participate in capturing independent Titans like most of the Brotherhood did. Later, when Beast Boy led Pantha, the Herald, Mas, and Jericho in an assault at the Brotherhood base, Pantha punched the Master of Games and sent him flying. However, he was defeated (ironically) by his fellow villain XL Terrestrial when the giant alien fell down and, again, sent the Master flying. It is assumed that he was flash frozen afterwards.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With the mystical red crystal medallion that he wears around his neck, the Master of Games is able to teleport people to anywhere he wants them to go, and also to capture them and hold them captive within the crystal. With his captives, he can use their abilities - even technologically based ones, such as Cyborg's sonic cannons and Speedy's arrows - as his own.

The Master of Games also appears at peak physical strength and condition, but on his own he is evidently no match for someone with true superhuman abilities.


  • In the Teen Titans video game, the Master of Games placed Raven in a Pong-like match against Cinderblock, then Starfire was put into a Space Invaders-styled game against Gizmo, then all of the Titans were pitted against Slade. Despite being a major antagonist in the game, he is neither a boss nor is he playable in Master of Games mode.