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Mad Mod (aka Detention) is the 10th episode of the Teen Titans series and of Season 1.
Mad Mod a

Mad Mod

Synopsis Edit

Robin wakes up suddenly to find himself and his fellow Teen Titans captured and imprisoned in chairs which neutralize their powers. Shortly, their captor introduces himself: Mad Mod, a British-accented villain who has become disgruntled about the youthful Titans playing do-gooders and opposing "hardworking villains" such as himself. He has kidnapped them by filling their tower with knockout gas and brought them to his school to teach them to stay out of villain business once and for all. For this purpose he separates the Titans, dumping each of them in a different classroom fitted with hypnosis screens to brainwash them into submission.

Mad Mod b

The hazards of Mad Mansion

Robin manages to get free from his chair, but finds that getting out of Mad Mod's school is another matter entirely. Filled with optical illusions, robot sentinels and various other tricks, this place turns out to be a regular madhouse in which Mad Mod can appear and vanish as he pleases. Nevertheless, Robin manages to recollect Starfire and even Beast Boy, who has, however, already been affected by the hypnoscreens; they are soon rejoined by Cyborg and Raven, who have managed to free themselves on their own. Based on their experiences, they decide that the only way to escape is to apprehend Mad Mod for good.
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Beast Boy in trance

As soon as they spot him, the Titans set out after Mod, but as before the villain proves to be very elusive, and whatever way they take, they always end up walking in circles. Finally, Mad Mod confronts them about being 'uncooperative' and declares that they have to undergo the entire brainwashing procedure all over again. The Titans attack him to get his ruby-tipped cane, which appears to be his control device for the entire school, but a number of traps and an army of robot busts move in to stop them, and one by one the Titans are recaptured. Only Robin makes it to Mod, but as he dives at him, he passes straight through the cane - and yet Mad Mod handles it as if it were the real thing!
Mad Mod e

The spell is broken

Realizing that not only the entire school, but also the Mad Mod they've been chasing are not real, Robin decides on a different approach. Jumping through a rent cut into one of the walls by a robot bust, he makes his way behind all the illusion and proceeds to rip up delicate circuitry as he goes, eventually disabling Mod's technical tricks. Finally he comes to the command room and has no trouble apprehending the real Mad Mod, a bitter old man with no exceptional fighting skills. The Titans emerge triumphant from their captivity, even though Beast Boy's susceptibility to hypnosis initially gives them some minor trouble before the end...

Cultural references Edit

  • There are several obvious references to the animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine, including the Sea of Holes.
  • The chairs that hold Robin and Starfire's eyes open to make them look at the hypnosis screens is a reference to the Ludovico Technique from Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation of the novel, A Clockwork Orange. In fact, Malcolm McDowell, who voiced Mad Mod, played the role of Alex in Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation.
  • One of Mad Mod's optical illusions was drawn from one of M. C. Escher's works.
  • The movie The Blind Side is mentioned, with Starfire dominating Mad Mod.

Trivia Edit

  • During the chase scene where the Teen Titans chase Mad Mod, the song "K2G" by Puffy Amiyumi is played. Puffy Amiyumi are also the ones that sing the Teen Titans theme song in Japanese and English.


  • Beast Boy: Am I the only one who has no idea where we are?
    Mad Mod: Why you're right where you belong, my duckies! You're in school!
  • Starfire: Are all schools on your planet this horrible?
  • Mad Mod: Next lesson, physics. What goes up, stays up!
    Robin:Until I take it down!
  • Starfire: How many Okaarans does it take to hoagie a morflart? Finbar! (Beast Boy remains hypnotized)
  • Robin: Right back where we started!
    Mad Mod: Of course you are, my duckies. Class is over, and you lot haven't learned a thing. That's a failing grade for each bloomin' one of you. There's only one thing for it. (Doors shut) You'll have to repeat the entire lesson!
  • Cyborg: Oh, yeah, this is definitely the real deal.
    Robin: School always seem smaller after you graduate.
    Raven: Just don't expect me to go to any reunions.
  • Starfire: I cannot awaken Beast Boy. I have tried the tickling, all matter of bodily noises, and the word "underpants". I fear this time his brain is gone forever.
    Raven: Beast Boy had a brain?
    [Beast Boy wakes, cracking up]
    Beast Boy: Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one!! ... Dude! That's not funny! I totally have a brain!!... I just don't use it much.