"Congratulations. Her highness is finally awake." said a drawling voice from the shadows.

-Kyle sarcastically greeting Viper

Backstory/ Post Titans NorthEdit

Kyle knows little about earth customs and mostly stuck to himself. He enjoys to pull pranks on people


Kyle is showen to be sarcastic and a born fighter, as he just wanted to beat up the people who locked him up, irritating Angel.

Meeting the Titans NorthEdit

At some point, Light was kidnapped and placed in a cell that negated his powers. He generally didn't react well to new prisoners. He agreed to newcomer Viper's plan of escape and successfully managed to use his powers to attack his enemies


Kyle has pale skin and is 5'10. He has one bright blue eye and one bright red eye. His mid back length hair is a mixture of black and white.


Kyle can summon and controls lightning and can augment his powers with his quarter staff. In addition, he knows some martial srts and is a big free runner user.