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Kole's power

Kole is the 58th episode of Teen Titans and the sixth in the 5th Season.


The Teen Titans face off against a new and improved Dr. Light at a polar ice cap, and fall under the ice to a land that resembles the earth when dinosaurs reigned. While fighting dinosaurs, the Titans are saved by Kole, a girl who can turn into crystal, and Gnarrk, a Neanderthal. The pair easily defeats the dinosaurs and invites the Titans to their home. Cyborg beats Gnarrk in an eating contest, and thinking that Kole will like Cyborg better than him because of this, Gnarrk leaves. Kole goes to him and tells him he will always be her best friend. Then they are attacked by Dr. Light, who wants to use Kole's power to create a power beam. After defeating Dr. Light, Robin gives Kole a Titans Communicator and tells Kole and Gnarrk to call them if they need help. The episode ends with the Brain and the Brotherhood of Evil locating Kole through her communicator.


This is the only episode in which Dr. Light isn't scared of Raven.

This is the second time where Beast Boy transforms into a Megatherium. The first time was in Titan Rising


  • Starfire: Beast Boy, perhaps you can communicate with them.
    Beast Boy: [timidly] Um ... nice dinos?
    [Raptor growls]
    Raven: Hey, genius, I think she means try it in their language.
    [Beast Boy turns into a raptor, exchanges a few yips and hoots with them and then returns]
    Robin: What did they say?
    Beast Boy: Well, they want to eat us.
  • Robin: Your machine can't take any more!
    Dr. Light: Illuminating theory - but I have the definite advantage!
    [At that exact moment, his synthetic diamond disintegrates]
    Dr. Light: Or not.
  • Kole: So what brought you here?
  • Beast Boy: Er ... Gravity?
  • Kole: Sorry, Gnark not get along with people of the upper world
  • Beast Boy: Neither does Raven.
  • [Raven looks menacingly at Beast Boy and Starfire laughs]