Real name Katrina Smith
Aliases Kat
Kitty Kat
Place of Origin Star City
Residence Steel City
Species Meta Human
Affiliations Titans East
Friends Speedy
Family John Smith (Father- deceased)
Maria Smith (Mother- deceased)
Amanda Smith (older sister- deceased)
Powers & Abilities Energy Bolts
Power Negation
Force Field
Tolerance to Extreme Weather
Weapon None
Likes Fighting crime
watching movies
hanging out with friends
Dislikes Fire
Closed in spaces
scary movies
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
First Appearance Rise of Havoc (a Fanfiction story by Doomblade)
Quote1 What? Cat got your tongue? Quote2
Kat said teasingly towards Speedy as he stared at her in shock by her confession

 Kat is my OC.  She is a temporary member of Titans East and is a ally of the  Teen Titans.

Character History

Katrina Smith was the youngest daughter of John and Maria Smith. She had a sister named Amanda, who was only older by 2 years.  John and Maria were scientist for S.T.A.R Labs. Due to their jobs they were forced to travel a lot, causing Katrina and Amanda to be home schooled. 

When Katrina was about 12 years old, she had a major fight with her sister in the kitchen while her parents were upstairs sleeping. Her hands started to glowing a light blue, but getting brighter with every second as she started get and more angrier.  Unintentionally, she threw a energy bolt at her sister who ducked out of the way making it hit the gas by the stove. When it hit the gas it caused an explosion, which knocked her and sister unconscious. When Kat came to she found herself in the hospital. She was later informed by the police that her parents and sister was killed in a fire that was caused by the explosion. The police said that it was miracle that she survive, only to find out later it was her powers that saved her from the explosion.

After Katrina was released from hospital, she was placed in foster care. She had multiple foster parents, each one worse than the next. She was passed around like a doll, no one wanted a to take care of a 'freak' or a 'monster.' all the people who took her in gave her back to the system after a few months at most. All but the Robinsons that is.  The Robinsons were Katrina's last foster parents. They seemed like the nicest and prefect parents, on the surface, but underneath, they were the cruel, ruthless, brutal, and sadistic. They treated Katrina like she was nothing but the dirt under their feet. They treated her like she was their servant, No slave. The Robinsons rarely let her leave the house and they didn’t let her attended school but luckily she didn't need it (Thanks to her parents teachings, even though she was still at a young age, she was just about high school level). After about 5 months with the robinsons, just when she didn’t think things can get any worse they did, That's when the abuse started. They physically, emotionally, and even sexually abused her for the next 3 years.



When she turned 15 she finally had enough. She packed her bags and took off in the middle of the night. She was on her own and on the streets for a little over a month. When she was walking by a bank in steel city a robbery to place. Two local heroes showed up, Jennifer Nolan and Devin Mercer. Seeing others like her, with powers made Katrina want to do something good with her powers. She didn’t want to be just a 'freak.' she wanted to be a hero. When she saw the girl get knocked down Katrina jumped in the battle and started helping them. Soon after the battle Jennifer and Devin decided to let her in on their little team. Soon after joining, Devin and Katrina, now going by their nickname for her Kat, hit it off really good and started dating. After a year of fighting crime things were looking great, until one day everything went bad, After a fight with Magma, Jenny, a.k.a Jennifer, disappeared and assumed dead. It was soon after that Kat and Devin broke up and went their separate ways.  

Now on her own, Kat decided take a break from being a hero and to travel across the country to figure out who she was and what she wanted to do with her life. She left steel city and just got on the road. She didn’t care where she was and she never stayed in one place for every long. After 5 months on the road she ended up in New york City. Normally she would leave in a week or so but then she met a normal girl by the name of Emily Thorn. They were so best friends a did everything together. The night before Kat decided she was going to leave, Emily invited Kat to a party. As the night went on, and they had a few drinks, Emily did something completely  unexpected.  She kissed her. Right on the lips. After she pulled away Kat was shocked. She didn’t know what to do, what to say, or what to feel. What shocked Kat even more was the fact she thinks she actually liked the kiss. After the party and the kiss she decided to talk to Emily alone. After a long talk a discovering Emily was a lesbian, Kat decided to stay in new york and start dating Emily. During her time she was with Emily, she realized that she really did like girls as well. She was with Emily for 6 months until Emily unexpectedly dumped her.

Having spent for than enough time in New york, Kat packed here bags and decided to head back home to Steel City in California. Once she got back she joined the Titans and was a member of  Titan's East.


Kat 2

Kat at age 16

Kat has wavy brown hair that goes to about mid-back, which normally let down, and has stunning bright green eyes' She has a slim, curvy figure and a. avenge size chest. Kat is about average height, standing at 5'6 For her uniform, her colors are blue and gold. She wears a one shoulder loose blue dress. A golden ribbon belt is wrapped around her waist. She wears blue knee high boots and wears gold gloves .  


Kat is a very nice and caring person. When it comes to the person she loves she gets very protective. When everthere is a probably, Kat is the first person someone comes to for advice. She is almost like the teams therapist. Not matter what it is Kat always tries to help and never gives up if there is a chance of succeeding, No matter how small. Although she is very sweet and friendly, she has another side to her. A more devious, sarcastic, and teasing  side. She can be very playful and very much enjoys teasing people, mostly speedy.




First boyfriend

Devin Mercer:  Kat's first boyfriend and first love. It came when Kat decided to be a superhero. She formed a team with Devin and another girl, Jennifer Nolan. Within the first year, Kat and Devin had fallen for each other. Than Jennifer disappeared during a fight with the teams main Nemesis Magma. Heartbroken, the strain caused them to split up. Devin went on as a solo hero and a year later Kat joined up with the teen titans.

Emily Thorn: During the one year she was off on her own after her split with Devin, Kat decided to take a break on bring a super hero to travel around the united states and figure out who she was.  While in New York City she befriend a girl named Emily. They hit it off really quickly because became best friends, doing anything and everything together. On the night Kat was going to leave new york,  to her utter surprise Emily kissed her. To her greater surprised Kat enjoyed it. So they went from beginning best friends to girlfriends. Kat stayed in New york for 5 months with Emily before she left to head back to California when Emily broke off their relationship for unknown reason. once in California Kat found the teen titans and never heard from Emily again

Post Titans 


Kat's first crush on a Teen Titan member

Beast Boy :  Following her initial joining, Beast Boy became Kats first friend. Eventually Kat began to like him as more than just a friend. However, after seeing how he acted with raven she realized that even though she liked Beast Boy, Raven loved him. She dropped it

Speedy in Teen Titans

Kat's second titan boyfriend

Speedy: Speedy's and Kat's feelings for each other was obvious to everyone but them. They denied their feeling by acting like they hated each other. Kat always fought and yelled at Speedy. After her break up with Beast boy things changed. The eventually got closer. Their fighting and teasing turned into teasing and bickering.  It was only after  Speedy got seriously injured in a fight with speedy she admitted her feelings towards him. After that Speedy and Kat officially got together. They were together for about an year and a half before Speedy ended things.

Quote1 Speedy... Im saying.. In fact.. i.. I'm in love with you Quote2
Kat whispered


Supergirl and Kat's girlfriend

Katie Johnson:  'Katie, or super girl, came to jump city to request the help of the titans with a villain she'd been tracking. Kat, coming off her and Speedys breakup was one of the first people to volunteer their help. Eventually Robin agreed and the trip was on. They end up traveling all the way to New York City (which Kat is a little hesitant about because the team does not know what her being Bi or about Emily). Once in New York, they search al over the city. On night on the local news they did a report of the Titans, which Emily thorn saw. Having seeing Kat on TV and back in town she decided to pay a little visit.  Eventually, Katie discovers that Kat is by Katie, being full on lesbian, decides to have some fun with Kat. In exchange she wont tell the team. Kat found herself falling for Katie and falling fast.  After the villain was finally capture, Kat decide she was done with all the secrets. She told Katie she was in love with her right in front of the entire team and pulled her into a kiss.


  • Energy Bolts-  Kat can summon a blue ball of energy through her hands. The angrier she is the bright and more powerfully the energy bolt will get. When Kat gets full of rage, most likely if the person she loves is serious injured, her bolts will turn blood red (more commonly refereed to 'rage bolts') in her fury and will attack whoever is responsible. She won't show any mercy and if not stopped will kill.
  • Force Field- Kat was create a force field around her and a few others to block an opponents attack. Though the bigger the force filed the weaker it gets. 
  • Tolerance to Extreme Weather-  Kat's powers keep her warm. She can be in the middle of the Arctic where the temperatures are below freezing and only be slightly cold. They also absorb the heat around her and keep her cooled in extreme heat, like in the desert where it can be 120 degrees or higher. 
  • Power Negation- ​ In extreme circumstances, Kat can a release a wave of power that temporary cancels out the powers of anyone. 

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