Quote1 I'm here. He may have bricks for brains, but I can see enough. Quote2
Jericho inside Cinderblock[src]

Real name Joseph William Wilson
Aliases None
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Tibet
Species Metahuman
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Beast Boy,
Family Slade (father)
Ravager (sister)
Grant (brother)
Powers & Abilities Hand-to-Hand Combatant,
Body Possession,
Soul Transformation,
Memory Seeing,
Knowledge Seeing
Weapon Guitar
Likes Playing his guitar
Serene areas
Dislikes Conflict
Having to fight
Voiced by None
First Appearance Calling All Titans!

Jericho is a superhero and an Honorary Titan.

History Edit


Jericho is apparently mute and lives a life of solitude atop a flowery mountain summit in Tibet. At first glance, he appears far too peaceful for combat.

Nothing is revealed about Jericho's life and activities before he became an Honorary Titan. He is introduced when Beast Boy is sent to him to present him with a Titan communicator so he could call for help if threatened by the Brotherhood of Evil. Unbeknownst to the Titans at that time, however, the Brain had - thanks to Madame Rouge - gained access to one of the communicator devices and was now using it to track down any of the Honorary Titans, thus foiling Robin's plan to form a unified global network against the Brotherhood. Shortly after he receives the communicator, Jericho is attacked by Fang and Private H.I.V.E., but manages t
File:Jericho looking at his comunicator.jpg
o defeat them single-handedly, though how he fought them isn't shown. Robin then sends off a scrambling signal which burns out his communicator in order to stop the Brain from tracking them. Later on, Jericho is picked up by Herald and brought to a secret emergency shelter, where they, Más and Pantha united under Beast Boy's leadership to attack the Brotherhood in
File:Jericho powers.jpg
their own base. At first the others are disappointed to see him, and not whom they were expecting, since he seems to be too innocent to be of any use, with Pantha even mildly insulting him on that. Then, when Beast Boy asks the Titans what powers they have, he simply indicates to his eyes, which leaves Beast Boy confused. It seems that only Herald knew about his abilities at that time. His powers prove vital to their plan when he manages to possess Cinderblock, thus gaining access to the
File:Jericho about to use his power.jpg
base with his fellow Titans posing as his prisoners. During their first round with the Brotherhood's allies, he takes temporary possession of Control Freak before jumping to Trident and Mad Mod in quick succession to avoid various attackers, but he is
File:Jericho inside Control Freak.jpg
finally overpowered by Gizmo. He is then being held prisoner by Killer Moth until unexpected reinforcements arrive on the scene, led by Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, and the battle commences once more, with the Titans eventually emerging victorious. Jericho wasn't seen much during the second phase of the battle, but was shown to have defeated See-More right before the H.I.V.E. tries to escape. Jericho is last seen socializing with the other Titans, and actually was pictured participating in a mass-takedown of Doctor Light right afterward. He was partially hidden behind the cloud that Thunder was floating on, so was assumed not there by many viewers.Jericho makes a cameo at the episode Homecoming part 2.

Personality Edit

Almost nothing is truly revealed about Jericho's personality, but we can conclude that he is an innocent, caring and kind-hearted pacifist who doesn't particularly enjoy fighting and violence. However, when a crisis is at hand, Jericho will fight with surprising skill.

Appearance Edit

File:Closeup of Jericho.jpg

Jericho has lime green eyes and blonde hair, with two locks framing his face. Note that they are not side burns in this adaptation. His outfit consists of a long-sleeved white shirt underneath a purple tunic with a gold belt, black pants and purple boots. There are also golden braces connected to the ends of his sleeves and the tops of his boots.

Powers Edit

Jericho has the unique ability to possess any living being he can make eye contact with. Immediately after eye contact is made, he transformed into a see-through matter that can phase through things, in which Jericho phases into the body of the person he is possessing, giving him complete control. It is easy to tell when he takes control of someone as their eyes will turn the same color as his own. Jericho is
File:Jericho inside Cinderblock.jpg
also able to access the knowledge and memories of those under his influence. An obvious weakness to this ability is that Jericho does not always know the personality and traits of the person he is possessing. An example of this comes from the time he possessed Cinderblock. Before the episode Titans Together, there was no indication at all that Cinderblock could speak. When Jericho possessed
File:Jericho about to be stopped by Gizmo.jpg
Cinderblock, he spoke through Cinderblock, which startled Private H.I.V.E, blowing the Titans' cover. Note that while Jericho himself is mute, he could speak whilst in Cinderblock's form as Cinderblock's body had functional vocal chords, when his own body did not. Another weakness is that he can't possess anyone if he is not in direct eye-to-eye contact or if his vision is obscured, his power is rendered useless. It is also possible that he uses his guitar as a weapon. Also, Jericho seems to have some degree of hand-to-hand experience, as he managed to beat Private H.I.V.E and Fang down before his communicator exploded.

Character Facts Edit

  • File:Jericho Teen Titans.jpg
    In the mainstream comic series, Jericho is Slade's son. A relationship to Slade in the animated series, however, is never mentioned or explored. The reason that Jericho can't speak is because a childhood incident damaged his vocal cords. This same incident led to Slade losing his right eye.
  • In the comics, Jericho was possessed by the essence of Trigon and turned on the Titans, forcing Slade to kill him. He then takes over Slade's body right as he is killed and later, comes back to fight the Titans. He claims that the Titans was too dangerous for children, since he, himself died as a Titan, and cripples Kid Flash as a message to the Titans.
  • In the comics Jericho fell in love with fellow Teen Titan member Kole. After coming back from a mission in outer space with some of the other members, he found out about Kole's death during the first Crisis, which affected him greatly. He also had a short relationship with Raven.
  • Jericho's love of music is also shown in the comics, as he spent a lot of his free time playing the guitar, including performing at some places.
  • Jericho was brought back to life in the current version of the Teen Titans DC mainstream comics with a new body but, for some reason, he still uses sign language to communicate.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! comic "Pieces of Me," Jericho uses his powers to put Raven's scattered Emoticlones back together. The fusion process he applies could be an extent of his regular power or, more likely, the Emoticlones' minds work differently from their usual hosts.
  • Jericho (along with Kyd Wykkyd) is the only character in Teen Titans to be mute (except when he is controlling people).