galfore is the teen titans charcter who first appeard in sesason 3 episode bethored. 


when starfire was little, galfore raised her and because her parents were busy with their royal duties of tamaran they still had time for their 3 childern. one day the invasion on tamaran was getting bad and galfore took starfire back to the castle and her mother and father were killed during the invasion. during the ceramony starfire made up her mind and said she did'nt want to marry the yucky green alien and blackfire attcaked her and her teen gurdians burst in and told starfire and the citizens that blackfire set this up as a prank she challnged her big sister to a wrestling match for the crown it was sister vs sister. robin wanted help her but galfore told him this only between two tamarains, he knew he wanted to help her but he told him if anyone interferes the challenge is avoid it's because he didn't want him to get hurt and he told her that she can do this herself and after starfire took the crown from her sister, her heart told her that she should'nt leave her buddies and told her earth is where she belonged so she passed the crown to galfore making him the new ruler of the planet and she told him next time she will find her husband on earth (she changed mind about marrying someone she never met and thinking that shes planing to marry robin.) galfore understood and headed back to earth with her friends and galfore knew she did the right thing that's because he wanted to test starfire. 


kind, nice and sweet.