Quote1 I believe in The Titans. And that same belief convinces me that some day, you will fall down to the hands of those kids. Quote2
Dr. Sulez not giving up to Black Mask.

Dr. Meredith Sulez
Dr sulez1
Real name Meredith Amelia Winthrop-Sulez
Aliases Doc
Place of Origin Jesselton
Residence Jump City
Species Human
Affiliations J.C.I. Labs
Friends Randy
Family Rex Sulez (father)
Rebecca Sulez (Mother)
Christiana Sulez (Sister)
Powers & Abilities none
Weapon none
Likes Science
Dislikes Lots of things
Voiced by N/A
First Appearance Heroes United

Dr. Meredith Sulez is a professor/inventor that works at J.C.I. Labs.


Dr meredith sulez
Dr. Sulez is someone who is much more in-tune with her emotions. Although she can be short-tempered and stubborn at times, she is a deeply caring person. Her stubbornness can also lead to determination, for example she even attached neural shockers to her forehead to shock herself awake every time she dozed off in order to find a solution.Sulez is also not afraid to speak her mind in front of her superiors, especially when she believes she has a better solution to a problem.

Physical appearance Edit

Dr sulez2
Dr. Sulez has bright green eyes and dark brown hair, which is usually tied up in a high formal bun for working purposes. She is usually seen wearing a white lab coat, an orange turtle-necked top, a gray skirt, and black knee-high boots. She has a slim, curvaceous figure and is of average height.

When attending a formal party, she wore a light blue formal gown, light blue shoes, gold jewelry, and a navy blue shoulder bag.


She was inspired by Dr. Rebecca Holiday form Generator Rex.

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