Real name Devin Mercer
Aliases Devin
Place of Origin Steel City
Residence Jump City
Species Meta Human
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Kat
Jennifer Nolan
Family Kristy Mercer (little sister)
Heather Mercer (Mother)
Noah Mercer (Father)
Powers & Abilities The Reaper
Storm Cloak
Weapon hand-to-hand combat
Likes Teasing his friends
eating pizza
Dislikes Someone hurting his friends or family
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Quote1 Its strange how things work... everything was so think you have your life together... the girl you love, great friends..then the girl decides she bored with your relationship and leaves you. Thats why i am the way i am. If you care dont get hurt Quote2

Devin is an honorary Titan and ally of the Teen Titans.

Character History


Devin can be a cold person. He doesn't like to reach out outside of the group he already trusts. However he is undeniably loyal to his friends and will put his life on the line for them.


Storm Control: Devin can summon severe weather storms that can rage with enough power to rip metal to shreds. His favorite move is the stormcloak where he covers his entire body in razor sharp icy wind and slams into his opp

Teleporting: by moving his body as fast as lightning Devin can fast he appears to be teleporting

The Reaper: Devins ultimate form. His eyes become silver with a red outline. In this form Devin fights so fiercely he will kill without a second thought even his friends arent safe if they get in the way. His rage must be at its peak to appear. He lives in constant fear of it coming out and causing havoc. On one occasion, he shoved his fist through a criminals chest and burst his heart then smirked about it.





Katrina Smith First love and girlfriend. 

Devins relationship with Kat was always a bit rocky. On the surface when they began dating, they seemed like the perfect couple. In reality, jealousy and Devins temper caused a lot of tension. When Jennifer went missing that was it. Without her to play peacemaker, their relationship ended soon afterOn the Titan's years later, the tension has not completely left.

Devin still has a lot of anger towards Kat for leaving him since Kat was the one who ended the relationship.

Despite this, their bond is undeniable even with the anger sometimes causing problems 

Quote1 That's not true! Of course i care about you! I... I love you Devin.. I'm just not IN love with you .. Quote2
Kat whispered as she looked away from Devin.


Jennifer Nolan

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