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Deep Six is the 8th episode of season 1.

Meeting Aqualad Edit


Starfire and Raven fawning over Aqualad

The Teen Titans hear rumors of a criminal named Trident who sinks toxic waste ship on a regular basis. With this information they head out on their T-Ship to the place where the ship had sink. The Titans get attacked from all directions by Trident, who seems to be able to be in many places at once. The T-ship gets damaged in the process. An underwater superhero, Aqualad, saves them and volunteers to look for Trident, much to the annoyance of Beast Boy. Raven and Starfire develop crushes on Aqualad. While Beast Boy and Aqualad are gone, Tramm, a friend of Aqualad's, helps fix the T-Ship.

The Titans meet Aqualad.

Finding Trident Edit

Beast Boy and Aqualad separate in a cave and they get attacked by Trident, each of them defeating Trident. However when they reunite both of them claim to have fought Trident even though they were in different places. Beast Boy then suggests that there could be more than one Trident, making Aqualad scoff at the possibility of that happening. Suddenly they discover cocoons of Trident hanging from the ceiling of the cave and an army of Tridents jump out, planning to ambush them. Before they are overwhelmed, Beast Boy figures out their weakness: since they are clones and have the same brain and personality, he asks "Which one of you is the strongest? There can't be more than one perfection". Because Trident is arrogant and thinks he is the best, so do his clones. The clones start fighting amongst each other and during this time Aqualad and Beast Boy try to escape, but not before the cocoons of Trident hatch. The newly hatched Tridents attack them en masse until they escape back into the sea, where the rest of the Titans show up, their ship repaired by Tramm. The ship collapses the mouth of the cave with its missile attack.

Farewells Edit

With the Tridents sealed off in the cave, Aqualad and the Titans return to Titans Tower where Robin presents Aqualad a Titans Communicator and making him an Honorary Titan. Aqualad returns to the sea, not before having a race with Beast Boy.

Aqualad is presented with a Titans communicator.


  • (Beast Boy is getting ready to go out of the sub and turn into a sea animal)
    Beast Boy: I was born ready. Time to do what I do best. Promise not to get jealous.
    (Beast Boy goes out and turns into a whale)
    Raven: He just put on 300,000 pounds. (Sarcastically) I am so jealous.
  • Aqualad: I usually work alone
    Beast Boy: Me, too.
    Aqualad: No, you don't! You're part of a team!
    Beast Boy: And you hang out with Tram the Fish-Boy! What's your point?
  • Aqualad: What is your problem? We are supposed to be on the same side, but you treat me like an enemy!
    Beast Boy: I don't need you on my side! This was my mission until you showed up!
  • Beast Boy: Man, you're the best!
    Aqualad: No, you're the best!
    Beast Boy: Yeah, you're right, and if you ever want me to prove it I'm always up for a race.
    Aqualad: Just try to keep up.