Real name Inapplicable
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Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Jump City (usually)
Species Mysteriously animated concrete structure
Affiliations Brotherhood of Evil,
Friends Overload and Plasmus
Family Unknown
Powers & Abilities Concrete form grants vast superhuman strength, stamina and durability
Weapon Anything within his reach (though mostly none)
Likes To serve Slade and the Brotherhood of Evil as a minion; to destroy the Teen Titans
Dislikes To be defeated and thwarted during attacks or thefts
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Divide and Conquer

Cinderblock is a villanous character and - mostly by circumstance - an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character historyEdit

The exact origin and nature of the entity called Cinderblock is unknown, but he has been serving several villains, Slade in particular, as obedient muscle man and enforcer for tasks which just require brute force. He made his debut in the first episode of the series, "Divide and Conquer," when he broke Plasmus out of prison on Slade's orders. In the later cumulation of his 'master plan', Slade deliberately set Cinderblock up to fight Robin, also giving him a tracking device with Slade's location on it. Cinderblock lost to Robin on purpose so that Robin could locate Slade's base with the tracking device.

Later, Cinderblock was sent to attack a quarry outside of Jump City in order to serve as a distraction for Robin and Starfire. After a long and arduous fight, he was finally taken down, only to emerge again as one-third of Ternion during Slade's attempt to use Terra to control the city.

After Slade's apparent death, Ternion presumably went and separated. Cinderblock later escaped, attacked a number of guards and fought well against the Titans, until the combined forces of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven managed to subdue him.

Cinderblock eventually resurfaced as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, teaming up with Johnny Rancid to capture Más y Menos but succeeding in capturing only Menos. Cinderblock was instrumental in Beast Boy's plan to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil's secret base by having Jericho take over his body. He participated in the subsequent all-out fight against the assembled Titans, but was defeated and joined his cohorts in flash-freeze treatment.

Personality Edit

Cinderblock isn't an extremely complicated character. He is capable of some degree of sentient thought, will and memory, and has showed a susceptibility to Jericho's possession abilities. Though he is physically capable of articulated speech, he seems intellectually incapable of doing so. At the most basic level, Cinderblock is a petty thug, sent to do his master's bidding whenever extreme force is necessary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cinderblock is shown as a gigantic monster of living concrete who is of limited intelligence but considerable physical force. He possesses tremendous physical strength and endurance as well as extreme durability, granting him resilience to vast amounts of physical force and energy attacks. Again due to his body being made entirely out of concrete he poses either near or completely endless stamina as he was never shown to be exhausted.

On an interesting note, it always takes tremendous effort for the Teen Titans to subjugate Cinderblock, especially seen in the episode "Haunted". Although Robin defeats him single-handedly in "Apprentice - Part 1", it was only under Slade's order that Cinderblock purposely lost.


Character factsEdit

  • Cinderblock is an original character exclusively created for the show. However, he has since made his mainstream comic appearance in (Volume 2) #17.
  • Cinderblock was a boss character in the Teen Titans video game and is an unlockable playable character in the Master of Games Battle Mode.
  • Cinderblock gets his name from the material he's made out of.