Selina Kyle BTBATB 001-1-
Real name Selina Kyle
Aliases The Cat, Selina, Beautiful
Place of Origin America
Headquarters Gotham City
Species Human
Affiliations Herself
Partners Holly
Relatives Carmine Falcone(alleged father), Holly Robinson(adopted sister)
Powers & Abilities Incredibly atheltic, master thief and cat burglar, trained fighter.
Weapon Whip
Goal To become rich, to steal valuable treasures.
Voiced by Ali Hillis
First Appearance Claws and Crime
Quote1 Looks like this kitten's got the cream. Quote2
Catwoman after a successful heist

Catwoman is the world's greatest thief, femme fatale and villainess. Originaly a enemy(and ally) to Batman, she later becomes a rogue of the Teen Titans and many other heroes.

Apperance and PersonalityEdit

Catwoman is a young woman in her 20s who has green eyes, black hair, a slim and atheltic body and is very attractive and beautiful.

In her first costume she wears a purple outfit, with some green linings, a purple mask slightly covering her face but letting her hair fall back, with a small green cape.

Tumblr lwqmapP4mN1qgrm4bo1 500-1-

Catwoman's second costume.

In her second costume she wears a black all leather catsuit, with highheiled boots, an undon zip showing her chest and a leather cateared cowl with googles on it. Her hair slightly comes out of it and it shows her face cleary.

Catwoman is seductive, flirty, witty and sarcastic, strong willed and loyal to her friends and family. She mainly commits crimes for the thrill of it and just becasue she has the skill too.

She knows how to act naughty and villainous and often uses it to annoy her enemies. However often her altruism and conscience will convince her to do the right thing and help heroes and civilains against real threats.

History and BioEdit

Early lifeEdit

Ophaned from an early age, Selina Kyle was forced to grow up on the mean and violent streets of Gotham City instead of her broken home.She also adopted a girl called Holly as her sister, and somtimes partner, who had suffered a similar childhood as her. Selina used her stealth, martial arts skills, and sex appeal to steal numerous treasures and objects of value as the cat bugler appropriately named Catwoman.


Catwoman's first encounter with the Titans.

Early in her career, she learned that mob boss Carmine Falcone could possibly be her father and moved Holly to a much better enviorment.

Catwoman encounted Batman in her exploits and adventures, who she became intrested in. She reguallry flirted (with a possible romance for) and helped Batman in his crime fighting, often escaping in the end or being let go for her help.

Eventually she decided to change where she was operating and move to Jump City to begin a new crime spree.

Claws and CrimeEdit

Catwoman having arrived in Jump City atempts to steal from a museum when the Titans arrive to stop her. After embarrsing Robin and introducing herself, she easily beats Robin and Starfire before escaping.

Selina Kyle BTBATB 001-1- - Copy

Catwoman captured.

Witht he money she recieves from fencing the stolen goods, she hires Adonis to help her and kidnaps Sierra. She atempts to ruin the relationship between the two by fliritng and trying to convince her that the Titans don't want her.

However the Titans discover when she is hiding and fight her and Adonis. Catwoman stays back and Sierra breaks free.

After Adonis is defeted, she tries to escape. However she is tied up by Sierra and captured by the Titans. Before being arrested, she playfully let on a hint to Robin's secret idenity to Starfire and apoligieses slightly to Sierra.


Robin defeats catwoman

Robin defeats Catwoman

Catwoman appears as one of the villains tricked by V.I.Z.M.A.R. into fighting the Titans. She breifly fights Robin and is knocked out by him soon after. She was presumably taken back to jail.

The Cats of CrimeEdit

Later she breaks into H.I.V.E. Five's headquaters with Blank and waits for them to turn up. When they do, she offers them a partnership to commit more major crimes and possible get even with the Titans. Using her beauty and charms, she convinces them to make her their leader.

After stealing from a bank(though she feeled bored and didnt even want to do it) she and her villain team are confronted by the Titans. They escape from the heroes easily.

Tumblr llvcgqtGN21qz6yoio1 400-1- - Copy

Catwoman recruits the H.I.V.E Five with Blank.

Later she tricks the Titans into investigating a robbery, with Blank and the H.I.V.E Five ambushing them. Beating the Titans with their combined efforts, Catwoman then kisses the guys on the team to make Starfire, Raven and Sierra jealous.

In their latest heist, the villains interupt a dance ball to steal a rare diamond given to the city as a gift. However the Titans had discovered her plans and used it to trap them. A fight breaks out with both the villains and heroes, with the Titans ultimatly winning.

While Blank escapes, the H.I.V.E Five have a chandelier droped on them and trapping them, while Starfire and Sierra capture Catwoman and handcuff her.

Once again she is taken back to jail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though Catwoman technically possesses no true superhuman powers, her cunning, agility, training and beauty make her a dangerous adversery to any of her enemies.

Martial Arts Master : Catwoman is a skilled in martial arts and combined with her agility it makes her more dangerous and deadly.

Agility : Catwoman is incredibly atheltic, agile and fast. She is able to outurn even some of the fast people around.

Master Thief and Cat Burglar : Catwoman is the greatest thief in the world, able to break into and steal anything, even from the most well protected complexs in the world.

Sex Appeal : Catwoman is easily able to use her physical beauty and atractiveness to manipulated and vex any male and even female in the world.



  • Catwoman's outfits in the show are based on her Arkham City and Brave and the Bold apperances.