Anycard (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a living magical card (possibly Jack or King) from the episode Bunny Raven. When Raven was sucked in Mumbo's hat, she transforms into a rabbit and meets Anycard. Anycard complains why was Raven asking such stupid questions. He explained that she can't use her powers in her animal form. When Mumbo reached for Raven, Anycard told her to scram, but it was too late. During Mumbo's song, Anycard is seen again where is now a villain where he blocks Robin's path to keep him from escaping.


  • He is not included as a villain for the Brotherhood of Evil.


  • (introducing to himself to Raven) "I'm Anycard. You know 'pick a card anycard'."
  • (when Raven asked where was she) "You're inside Mumbo's hat."
  • (after Raven asks why is she a rabbit) "Do you always ask such stupid questions?"