Quote1 Dad...I can't accept. Quote2
Ace not accepting her dad's, the Joker, partership.

Anime girl
Real name Joanna Marie Napier
Aliases Clown Princess of Crime(by her dad)


Place of Origin Gotham City
Residence Jump City
Species Human
Affiliations The Joker
Teen Titans
Friends Two-Face
Family The Joker(father)
Jennifer Kerr Napier(mother)
Harleyquinn(considered stepmother)
Poison Ivy(adopted aunt)
Two-Face(adopted uncle)
Powers & Abilities Super Intelligence
Mind Manipulation
Weapon Smoke gun(sometimes with Joker gas)
Electric whip
Jet boots
Twin guns(mixes up many types)
Likes Drawing
Dislikes Bullies
Voiced by Janet Varney
First Appearance Not Announced


Ace is a little dark but in a way kinda like Raven only she has a sense of humor and enjoys pulling pranks on people is she's in a real good mood or wants revenge on friends or people she doesn't like. Ace is brave, kind, and likes making friends. Also she has a short temper and sometimes she would get blinded by her rage and break things or accidently hurt people. Ace has bits of her dad. His rage and his comedic sense of humor. She hates it when her anger is unleashed.and trys desperatley to control it. She actually knew one of the titans before join. The leader of the group, Robin. Ace has developed a crush on him. Since she joined the team she noticed the blooming relationship between Robin and Starfire and has decided to back off.

Pre-Teen TitansEdit

Ace's mother died in a fire whe Joanna was four. When her dad found out about her mother's death, he snapped and became the Joker. As Ace grew she was raised around crime and learned many things. Crimes and real intelligence. Ace was home schooled until she was eight. She wanted to go to school like a normal kid, with normal kids, and normal teachers. The Joker contemplated it for a while and agreed. But the thing was neither of them knew how smart she was, until she got tested. They discovered that she had an IQ way past her age level. So she was sent as a freshmen in high school. A few years later when she graduated college at the age of sixteen, her dad offered her a partnership with him, his Clown Princess of Crime. Ace was hesistant and scared to decline his request, but she swallowed her pride and told him no. When the Joker heard the words of his daughter, the only child he had hope to follow in his footsteps in torturing Gotham, said no. His permanent smile seemed to turn into a broken one. He was so mad that he rampaged on Gotham's building spelling her full name and was sent to Arkham Asylum once again. Ace had never seen her dad this mad before and has decided to another state where he wouldn't find her. Not even Batman. Jump City, California.

Teen TitansEdit

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